Financial Independency – An important step for women

by Subhechcha Ganguly



In the 21st century we have majorly seen the sixth generation of women who are going to work. These six generations of women, however, can be classified into various working groups, some who take career as their prime perspective and others who take it as a part time. After 2018, we have seen a growth in the number of female influencers and entrepreneurs as well. The brilliant ideas and extreme dedication have made these women prosper in several fields.


Now let us talk about why women started taking career as a perspective a lot after the male section of the society. While society played a role, in this as women were given the sole responsibility of the family and had to spend hours on household chores. There were other reasons like the biological cycle where maternity leaves were not that common previously. Thus after giving birth to a child to recover biologically a lot of women gave up their jobs and found it extremely difficult to get one. A lot of times it was found completely unnecessary for a female to earn money if the male members were earning enough. The major issue was the education. As the education of females, suffered for a long time their low qualification created a problem for fetching good and high paying jobs.

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Let us also have a look at the current scenario and understand what the situation is today. A lot of educational institutions have kept seats reserved for females. Not only that scholarships like Kanyashree, Central Scholarships for female have enabled easier accessibility of females in educational institutions. The working scenario as also changed as maternity leaves are provided so that women can now recover and rejoin the jobs. The situation is progressing and there can be expectations of better changes in the upcoming days.

By Anisha Ganguly

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