Floodwater Receding, 10 Lakh Cusec Water To Pass Through Mundali Tomorrow


Bhubaneswar: The floodwater is receding and the outflow at Mundali barrage at 9 am today was 11.77 lakh cusec, informed Water Resources Engineer-in-Chief Bijay Kumar Mishra on Wednesday.

The reservoir level of Hirakud Dam was 626.47 ft. The inflow was 6.24 lakh cusecs while the outflow was 6.81 lakh cusecs. The peak water flow at Khairmal was 9.84 lakh cusec. It will take 12 hours to reach Barmul and another 12 hours to reach Mundali.

The water flow has dropped by 23 to 24 thousand cusecs in the last three hours. When the water from Khairmal reaches Mundali, the outflow will be around 10 lakh cusec, said Mishra.