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From rocking cradle to topping Man Booker prize list, women reign

The much-awaited list of books competing for the 2020 Man Booker Prize, the British literary award has finally been announced. Amid the gloomy days venturing through tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the announcement brought with it a reason to smile for bibliophiles.

After all, every cloud has a silver lining (golden in this case!) But the best is yet to come. Out of 13 books shortlisted, 9 are penned down by women novelists.

While some of these authors have already been adorned with the Booker Prize, a lot of newcomers have made their way to the list. Sense women empowerment??

Two times Booker Prize winner Hilary Mantel’s book ‘The Mirror and the Light’ which is the conclusion to her Thomas Cromwell trilogy has become the talk of the town.

She was awarded her first Booker Prize in 2009 for ‘Wolf Hall’ and again followed suit in 2012 when her book ‘Bring up the bodies’ brought her the accolades. ‘Redhead by the Side of the Road’ penned down by Anne Tyler has also managed to grab a position on the prestigious list.

The list also celebrates the emergence of many debutants. American writer C Pam Zhang’s ‘How Much of These Hills Is Gold’ depicting the story of a family during the harsh times of the Gold Rush has gotten her a spot for the Booker Prize.

Other women novelists who have grabbed a position include Diane Cook (‘The New Wilderness’), Tsitsi Dangarembga (‘This Mournable Body’) Kiley Reid (‘Such a Fun Age’), Maaza Mengiste (The Shadow King’), Sophie Ward (‘Love and Other Thought Experiments’) and Avni Doshi (‘Burnt Sugar’). Challenging all odds and accepting all difficulties these ladies have set up examples that women too can lead the world.

Rather than dreaming about success, they dared to work for it. Their passion for work drove them towards success. Women empowerment has now become a matter of international debate.

Women empowerment is the creation of an environment of women where they can decide on their own for their personal benefits as well as for society. Developed countries are already on their way to empower their ladies.

But developing nations have lagged behind. They have failed to accept that women too are a part and parcel of the country’s development. The developing still, small voice is to acknowledge ladies as people equipped for settling on a sane and good choice about them just as the general public, expanding and improving the financial, political and legitimate quality of the ladies, to guarantee equivalent right as men, accomplish globally concurred objectives for advancement and manageability, and improve the personal satisfaction for their families and networks.

To see upon their lives as human beings is women empowerment. It instigates ladies to stand and battle on their own for their own privileges and carry on with a well-commendable life where they get the chance to choose the sole choices of their life, without dreading the male centric culture. We have to get out the outlook that is really permitting ladies to meander on the straight path of improvement.

Ladies are pulling all stops to make themselves count. Regardless of numerous obstacles, they whirl out to accomplish trustworthy and eminent positions.

Ladies since ages have been wrestling to be socially and expertly perceived as objects to all men. To annihilate all this insidiousness from our general public and to build our general public a better spot than living for both men and women, women empowerment is very crucial on the grounds that except if and until a spot isn’t alright for all the locals of our general public it can’t be an unrivaled spot.


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