Galaxy Medicare: Pioneering Healthcare Excellence”

Subhasish Das, a luminary in healthcare innovation,


In the captivating narrative of Galaxy Medicare Ltd, the year 1992 marks a pivotal moment when the seeds of innovation and healing were sown by the visionary Mr. Subhasish Das. Galaxy Medicare Ltd emerged as a stalwart in the healthcare industry, crafting and delivering cutting-edge medical products with a resounding presence in the picturesque state of Odisha.

Galaxy Medicare Ltd specializes in orthopedic products, including tapes, bandages, elastic bandages, and crepe bandages. The company has strategically placed ten manufacturing units in the west, attracting clients from the region due to their unmatched product quality and consistency. Their belief in providing consistently high-quality products has positioned them as a leader in the market.


In the pursuit of sustainability, Galaxy Medicare Ltd employs advanced manufacturing techniques, utilizing premium-grade raw materials to create a wide spectrum of medical devices and surgical products. The company’s commitment to quality is underscored by their certifications — ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 for the manufacture and sale of Plaster of Paris Bandage and other Surgical Dressings.


The visionary leadership of Subhasish Das has propelled Galaxy Medicare Ltd into an era of revolutionary breakthroughs. Beyond business prowess, Das champions affordability and accessibility in healthcare, considering it a basic human right. His caring leadership approach permeates the corporate culture, creating an atmosphere where compassion and intelligence coexist.


Subhasish Das, a luminary in healthcare innovation, embarked on this transformative journey in 1992. His passion for healing materialized in the form of manufacturing bandages, evolving into a reality in 1994. A symphony of collaboration resonated as Galaxy Medicare Ltd partnered with Smiths and Nephew, a distinguished UK-based company. Together, they orchestrated medical marvels, positioning Galaxy Medicare Ltd as the exclusive hub for Asia.


In 1999, a new chapter unfolded as Galaxy Medicare Ltd, under the leadership of Subhasish Das, spread its wings to a bespoke factory nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Nashik. This marked a transition from collaboration to autonomy, symbolizing the company’s commitment to innovation and independence.


Galaxy Medicare Ltd stands as a testament to resilience, innovation, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams. Under the visionary leadership of Subhasish Das, the company has not only weathered challenges but has also become a beacon of excellence in the healthcare industry, consistently delivering high-quality products and pioneering advancements in medical technology.



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