Girish Chandra Murmu As New Comptroller Auditor General Of India

Girish Chandra Murmu As New Comptroller Auditor General Of India

Girish Chandra Murmu, a senior IAS officer, on Thursday has been appointed as the central government’s statutory auditor. A statement released from President’s office that Murmu’s resignation as the Lt.Governor of Jammu and Kashmir was accepted.

Murmu takes over as the Comptroller General of India (CAG) after Rajiv Mehershi completed his term of working days.


Girish Chandra Murmu was born on 21 November 1959 to a Santal family in Betnoi village of Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. He is eldest among his eight siblings, with two sisters and five brothers.

 He obtained a degree of MA in Political Science from Utkal University and pursued his MBA from The University of Birmingham. His father was a Railway employee and died two years ago.

One of his brothers has acquired a position as chief general manager in RBI, while one of them is an Indian Railways Officer currently posted in Mysore. In contrast, two of them are involved in farming activities.

A 1985 batch IAS officer from Gujarat cadre, whereas served by an opportunity to work under Narendra Modi as his Principal Secretary. Later he also served as expenditure secretary under Ministry of Finance. His work has been profounded intellectually and has been characterised by intensity.

He is believed to be a vital member of the team that assisted PM Modi in taking decisive outcome for future determinations. He was endeared with obsolete unfair means and so was affectioned to entrust with PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.


To be a man with consecutive admire requires to follow directed path and so was Murmu with his deeds and has brought numerable laurel to the state. 

His mastery over various global matters and combat against the outflows perhaps made him the reason appointed as the Lt.Governor of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir at the age of 59. 

His triumph over the efforts in his occupation made him the youngest ever Governors in the country. Besides assisting Modi and Amit Shah, he also played a notable role at the critical junction of their political careers. He keeps on visiting Odisha once a year and simplifies himself involving in various activities volunteered by ‘Health Camps’.


The GC Murmu led Jammu and Kashmir management has also undergone controversy over its opposition in restoring 4G internet services in the union territory. It cited increased terror activity as the reason behind its move in the Supreme Court in response to petitions seeking restoration of high-speed internet.

A leader like him has always committed to gigantic performance, compelling vision and whole hearted passion and massive action.

In achieving these, his optimism, strong belief, excellence and empathy has been determined by his works that would further generate a good monitoring system.

Written By- Mousami Jena

Image Courtesy: Google

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