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Goa Joined MyGov Citizen Engagement Platform

Goa Joined MyGov Citizen Engagement Platform
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CM Pramod Sawant, launched MyGov Goa portal, on 4th August 2020 in an online event where Goa joined MyGov Citizen Engagement Platform to enable participative Governance.

He said, “This would go a long tour in resolving public participation, and this would allow the state to connect to a nationwide audience, which would enable citizens to participate in different platforms which would give input in government policies”.

My Gov is a crowdsourcing platform, aims to promote active citizen participation in policymaking. It was first launched on 24th July 2014. It had adopted innumerable methodologies like discussions, tasks, polls, surveys, blogs, talks, quizzes and on-ground activities utilizing the internet, mobile apps, IVRS, SMS, and outbound dialling.

MyGOV has increased its boundary to more than 1.25 Crores and millions of citizens engaged in it via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter. They make groups and each group is provided with domains as Do’and Discuss’.

My gov has also launched its channels in news age Apps like Sharechats and Roposo. Even Whatsapp and Telegram has greatly augmented Govt’s communications on COVID-19.

To engross with citizens at the state level, My gov has enabled to crowdsource ideas and creative content for specific initiatives in the software service model. Among all 12 states have already launched My Gov platforms and the efforts have been a great success and are able to achieve its objective efficiently.

Smt. Jennifer Monserrate Minister of Information and Technology, Goa, expressed her views and stated that this would motivate people of the state in sharing their thoughts, approximations and suggestions with the government in areas related to a various set of laws, programmes, schemes etc.

CEO My Gov India Abhishek Singh spoke about how this platform has been preferred for promoting the active involvement of citizens in governance and development.This stage provides innovative zeals and provides them to leave an imprint on India’s history.

Citizens may enrol on www.goa.mygov.in and share opinions, ideas and suggestions with the government. 

Article Written By Mousami Jena

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