Guidelines Out For Interest Free Advance To Odisha Govt Staff For Purchasing EVs

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

In accordance with the Electric Vehicle Policy 2021, the Odisha Government has issued guidelines for sanction of interest-free advances to its employees for the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs).

According to the reports, the State Government had introduced the Electric Vehicle Policy 2021 to encourage the purchase of Electric Vehicles to control the pollution emerging from fossil fuels used in vehicles plying on the road.

Guidelines for sanction of Interest-Free advance to Government Employees-

  1. The advance for purchase of Electric vehicles for the State Government employees will be available only up to 31st December 2025. The application received after the expiry of the policy period will not be considered.
  2. The interest-free advance for the purchase of Electric Operated Motor Car will be available only to the Group-A and Group-B category of Government Employees. The maximum amount of advance is limited to 75% of the cost of the Electric Vehicle subject to a maximum of Rs. 15 lakh.
  3. Interest-free advance for purchases of electric two-wheeler (electric motorcycle/scooter/scoot), / invalid carriages, etc.), will be available to Group-C and Group D Government employees and above. The advance amount is limited to 75% of the cost of the Electric Vehicle subject to a maximum of Rs 2 lakh.
  4. The advance amount is to be recovered in 100 equal installments from the monthly salary of the Government employee for subsequent months. If the Government employee retires or expires without payment of the full amount of the loan. the residual amount needs to be recovered from their arrear salary bill, leave salary bill, pension, Commutation pension, or gratuity before its disbursements. If he/she resigns/quits from Government Service, the amount will be recovered under OPDR Act.
  5. If the Government servant so desires he is allowed to repay the installment in advance.
  6. Other condition as prescribed under Rule-2 of chapter 14 of Odisha General Financial Rule (Volume-1) and circulars issued there under in force for sanction of Interest bearing advance for purchases of the vehicle is applicable in this case mutatis mutandis.
  7. The advance is debitable to “Demand No – 05 – 7610 – Loans to Government servants etc. – 00 – Administrative Expenditure – Establishment. Operations and Maintenance Expenditure – 202 – Advance for purchase of Motor Conveyances — 3609 – Advance for purchase of Electric Operated Motor Car / Motor Cycle – 48001 – Advances.”
  8. Necessary amendment to Odisha General Finance Rule will be affected in due course.

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