Handloom Elegance ; The Exquisite Handloom Sarees of Sarakapatana


Sarakapatana village in Dhenkanal district is well known for its handloom sarees. Located in Sadar block and is about 18 Kilometres from Dhenkanal Town. Around 90 families of this village weave vibrant and exquisite handloom sarees. Family members including Men, women, elders and adults engage in the process of crafting the masterpiece handloom sarees.

Sudam Charan Rout, Secretary of Sarakapatana Weavers Co-operative Society said, ” First the threads are procured from the Co-operative society and master weavers of Nua Patana, Cuttack, from that, bobbins is made, and then drum is prepared, after that ba pania is made and then it’s fitted in the handloom and then the saree is weaved. ”

It takes them around four to five days to weave one single hand woven saree. The price range of the handloom sarees here varies from rupees 900 to rupees 2500.

These handloom sarees are taken to different fairs and exhibitions across the State and the Country for selling. Also it’s sold in the nearby markets. Merchants and dealers from different parts of the State and from other States also come here and procure the sarees. Customers and tourists also visit the village to purchase these handloom sarees.

Bhagyadhar Sahoo, a weaver said, ” I have been weaving the handloom sarees since last 35-36 years. We have been weaving the handloom sarees from generations, we bring the raw materials from Co-operative society and Nua Patana, it takes almost 4-5 days to weave one saree. ”

In order to bolster the efforts of the weavers, the District Administration of Dhenkanal have alloted two rooms at the Artisan Village, in Sadeibereni, Dhenkanal where handlooms were also installed for the weavers.

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