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Harley Davidson Unevils Its First Ever Electric Bicycle

Harley -Davidson -Unevils -Its -First -Ever -Electric -Bicycle

Harley-Davidson successfully unveiled its first-ever electric bicycle inspired by brands and the very first motorcycle since 1903.

The new business started as ‘Serial 1 Cycle Company’ is a project within the motorcycle manufacturer’s product development centre.

The foundation of Serial 1 model of electric cycle allows Harley-Davidson to play a crucial role in this revolution of mobility while allowing Serial 1 to concentrate exclusively on the e-bicycle customer that would deliver unmatched riding experience rooted in freedom and adventure,” Aaron Frank, Brand Director of Serial 1 Cycle Company, gave its statement.

As per the design, the bicycle would come up with stylish white tires, strong leather saddle, hand grips as well as the sleek black frame.

The company is planning to bring its first line of electric bicycle manufactures to market by spring 2021.
The price of the electric bicycle has still kept a surprise and is yet to be announced.

According to company manufacturers, the global eBicycle market estimated over $15 billion in 2019 and the project to be projectile at an annual rate of more than 6 per cent from 2020 to 2025.

Even, BMW is making electric bikes and motorcycles, Audi is manufacturing electric mountain bikes, Mercedes-Benz unveiled an electric scooter, Ford acquired e-scooter startup Spin, and Jeep recently unveiled a high-powered electric mountain bike.

Written By- Mousami jena
Image courtsey- Google

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