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Chin Up and Say Yes to Eyeliners, No to Lipstick: Covid-19 Sets a New Trend in Cosmetics Industry


Making the mask; an integral part of daily life and being locked indoors has shown to have changed the style of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic affected makeup and beauty care. The lips are often hidden behind the face mask, so lipstick sales appear to have been lower than last year.

According to reports, there has been a hike in demand and purchase of other cosmetic products, mostly eyeliners, mascaras and eye-shadows.

While the companies involved in the sale of cosmetics say yes, a shift in demand of lipsticks has been spotted throughout the lockdown period, as now people prefer buying lipstick which are transfer-proof matte instead  of glossy ones.

“The biggest category in makeup is the lips,” said Mr Mehta, Head of Beauty, Grooming and Luxury Beauty at Amazon India, the largest e-commerce company that sells more than 18,000 cosmetics brands.

Mehta says that the business of Kajal, Eyeliner, Mascara and Grooming products is growing year by year. While, at the same time the largest category in makeup i.e. lipsticks have been the slowest to recover to pre-Covid-19 business levels.

“However, we have seen an improvement in customers’ sentiment and have been on the road to recovery since July 20 in the cosmetics sector, especially in the nail and eye category, which has done much better than before,” said Mehta.

Similarly, Nykaa, one of the best cosmetic companies dealing with more than 1,200 varieties of beauty products clearly states the business and demand of skin care, hair, hygiene and personal care have improved significantly over the past few months, compared to a lipstick at the sub-class level of make-up. People can be seen searching more about cosmetics related to eye and nail beauty.

Last month, Flipkart said customers were choosing better verticals in the makeup category for testing with prime, highlights, and consultants.

The spokesperson of Flipkart said that the sale of the cosmetics has now become a focus as the number of eye makeup customers are growing. The main reason for this is that only the eyes are visible while we wear a mask we. The spike in eye makeup has doubled compared to the rest of the categories of cosmetics.

This year, the coronavirus pandemic has also played a key role in influencing customer shopping behaviour, as the rise in sales during pre-lockdown estimates suggests that the restrictions on public agitation have forced many people to opt for e-commerce portals on physical stores.

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