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Monaj Kumar Singh(Humane touch to Teaching) has swiped his way into the households of students in Odisha aspiring to be doctors. In this freewheeling chat with ‘Interview Times’he drifts down the memory lane and shares his experiences on setting up INEET, the most successful institute for MBBS coaching in the state.

Singh’s(Humane touch to Teaching) first take on INEET is not one characterized by professional banalities.

Beyond the craving for commercial success, he believes in building an institute that creates doctors imbued with values.

Unlike his more voluble peers, he has shunned any publicity blitzkrieg.

“Our efforts have always been at the fulcrum of establishing our brand. We hardly indulge in any marketing because we believe our students have it in them to crack the most grueling of entrance tests. The performance of the students and the institute’s overall results speak for themselves. Our result is the only barometer for deciding our success rate. Today, we are bloated with pride that our success rates have been growing astronomically”, he gushes.

Singh(Humane touch to Teaching) recounts an incident that later proved to be a blessing in disguise.

He had once firmed up plans to exit Odisha after noting the dismal performance of students in medical entrance examinations. Singh then was teaching at Akash Institute.

Then, one of his students dialed him up, enquiring about his future. He was visibly concerned as he found Singh to be the numero uno teacher.

Thus, he began the journey for setting up INEET. The fledgling institute had then taken roots with 28 students in a small, rented space. All 28 of them made the grade for medical in the same year.

“I couldn’t have asked anything more for myself. I offered my solemn prayers to Lord Jagannath and felt so blessed”, he says.

“Since that epochal transformation, I have never looked back. Today, INEET boasts of an enrolment of over 500 students. I consider all of them as my family and anchor full responsibilities.”

Yet, Singh(Humane touch to Teaching) abhors the concept of free coaching. Philanthropic coaching is not his cup of tea.

“These days, some institutes offer blandishments of free coaching to lure the students. But I wonder if they are up to it or is it only a marketing gimmick. Teaching cannot be partisan for students”, he felt.

Singh believes that if someone is determined to help the needy students, he will reach out to them instead of advertising it.

Teaching does not connote business nor can knowledge be bought or traded.

“At INEET, we are grooming our students on a regular basis and we are extremely proud of it. I assure you that the poor students will be provided with the same facilities as that of our regular students. It’s in our DNA”, he added.

With the underpinnings of creative strength and human values, INEET has always placed students at the core.

“To guide students is something that is immanent in us. Literally, what we have earned over the years is the trust of our students and their parents that have given us enormous satisfaction”, Singh said.

As he wrapped up, he evinced desire to set a benchmark in this vocation. His message is abundantly clear- provide a world class coaching ecosystem for medical entrance competitions for the aspiring students but never lose the human touch.

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