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ICC T20 Rankings; Will India reach 2nd spot?


The T20 series between India and Australia will start from today. Team India has already lost the one-day series. But India is expected to do well in the T20s as it wins the final match. The ICC T20 rankings are likely to change dramatically after the series. India and Australia have a chance to improve their rankings.

England is currently No. 1 in the T20 rankings. England has 275 points from 25 matches. Australia have the same number of points from 22 matches. But in terms of score, Australia is behind. Australia has 6047 points and England has 6877 points.

ICC T20 Rankings; Will India reach 2nd spot? 1

India is in number 3. The Indian team has a chance to reach the No. 2 spot. If the team sweeps clean, it will reach No. 2 with a rating of 271. Australia will drop to No. 3 with 268 ratings.

Australia also have a chance to win the rankings. Winning the series will bring Australia to the top. Winning the series 2-0 will increase the team’s rating to 276 points. After sweeping, the team will have a rating of 280 points. In that case, India’s rating point will be 263. That means only one point more than Pakistan. The team is also in danger of slipping to fourth place. So today’s match will decide the fate of both the teams.

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