IIMC Dhenkanal celebrates Hindi week


Dhenkanal: “All languages are valuable. Every language has its own worth. Each language’s knowledge base strengthens that language even more. As a result, we must do our part to contribute to the development of a digital language repository. Only then can the language’s usage can be truly promoted, and the next generation will also comprehend its significance,” Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee stated.
Every year, IIMC Dhenkanal celebrates Hindi Day. On September 14, Hindi was declared the official language of India. On September 14, 1953, the first ‘Hindi Day’ was observed. “Hindi is the official language of India. It is the fourth most spoken language in the world, behind English, Spanish, and Mandarin, and this day is commemorated to remind people of its importance,” Dr. Chatterjee remarked during the ‘Hindi Diwas’ ceremony.WhatsApp Image 2021-09-17 at 5.31.24 PM“Hindi is convenient and practical as a communication language because more than half of India’s population understands it. The constitution authors acknowledged Hindi as the official language alongside English because they believed it would be more beneficial for government and communication in the post-independence period. Other regional languages, too, have a role to play,” he added.

The winners of the commentary and letter writing competitions organized previously among the institution’s personnel were recognized at this event. Laxminarayan Mishra, who placed first in the competition, received a certificate and Rs. 6,000, while Badreenath Jena received Rs. 3,000 in second place and Manoj Kumar Jena received Rs. 2,000 in third place. The occasion was attended by all the staff and faculty members of the institution.

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