784 elephants died in Odisha in the past 10 years

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Over the past ten years, a total of 784 elephants have perished in various forests in Odisha. Informing the State Assembly of this on Wednesday was State Forest and Environment Minister Pradip Kumar Amat.Amat responded to a question by stating that 179 pachyderms may have perished unnaturally as a result of train and automobile accidents, electric shock, poaching, and various illnesses.

According to the Minister, harsh measures have been taken against the forest rangers in charge of the elephants’ untimely deaths.The cause of certain elephant deaths in the State has not yet been determined, and an inquiry is ongoing, according to Amat. The Minister added that despite the huge death toll, the state’s jumbo population had grown. In the past 15 years, Odisha’s jumbo population has increased by as many as 135 elephants. Aside from this, the Minister updated the House on the different actions taken in the State to conserve and protect elephants.

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