In Conversation with Eminent Author Seema Pradeep

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Seema Pradeep has received the second rank for “When the Heart speaks “by Lift Magazine. She is an exceptional writer .Seema has Participated and officially released “Summers and Springs ” at the Sharjah International Book Fair 2022. Let us know about her in the exclusive series – Interview with the Authors on Interview times .

Q1)How did you recognize your calling as an author?

I was in Grade 5 when there was a math project in school. I hated the subject and wrote a poem to be a part of it. It clicked somehow. I used to love rhymes and poems as a child, so it was a bit easy for me to write them in my own style. From then on, I started writing about small things, like a rose, a friend, a shoe, and on and on and on. But writing as a passion grew with me, and I am chasing my dreams in the last few years. It was very recently that I started feeling like an author fully. Long way to go.

Q2) “When the heart speaks ” is a poetry collection curated by you . Tell us something about how you figure out the genre and plot of your poetry and which genre is your personal favourite .

I am in love with myself, and I try hard to keep myself happy. I am an emotional person and so feelings and emotions easily connect me with the people around me. I observe everything that is connected to me and so all my topics come from my surroundings.”When the heart speaks “, is my first book and it is truly about me and my inspirations to live and let live. If I have to choose a favorite genre, then I would say positivity that comes out of pain.

Q3) Nowadays the youth is more fascinated towards online platforms ,watching movies rather than reading books What according to you are they missing in life ?

They are missing reality. Everything in media is someone else’s story, someone else’s struggle, someone else’s journey, someone else’s success. And people are following that. I will never say that their way of looking at life is wrong, but yes, there is a lot that exists around them that they fail to see. Books tell you more. Everything around us changes, even online platforms, and you must have a little skill to be a part of them, but books never cease to exist, and they never grow old.

Q4) From preparing the rough drafts to working on final edits and getting the publishing done ,there is an entire process that goes behind publishing a book .Tell us about the planning and hardwork and how did you manage so much .

I write and I know only to write.The rest is perfect when you get a good publisher who can take you through the entire process. Then you just have to sit like a bride and the show will go on. The Write Order, who published 4 of my books did a great job.So, all I do is write, read, edit, re-draft, structure the book, find a title that matches the content, think of a cover design and then give it to them. Yes, it needs time and a lot of patience, but when passion drives you so strongly, nothing matters right?

Q5) There are readers who are very much into short stories .You have curated two books “Through the lanes”and “The thorns that smiled “. Tell us something about both the compositions .Also kindly give the links from where the readers can buy your books

Well, basically I am a poet. But I love reading stories and that let me think, why not!
“Through the lanes” is a collection of 5 short stories, that are extracted from the lives of people I know and have heard of. It is a “found in every home” type of book and it can easily connect to anyone that reads it.

“Thorns that smiled” is again a collection of 5 stories, that are women-oriented, and that is why I chose that name. It is about the struggles a woman faces at different phases of life, and how they successfully overcome all the pain and live again. I think every reader will find one of these around.

Q6) There are several youngsters who wants to take up , writing as their career option .What would be your advice to them ?

Please don’t think of writing as a career. If does not make you happy and give you satisfaction, don’t go for it. It will only have life when you write with all your heart, not focusing on the benefits you get out of it. Yes, you need results, but that would just mean that you get a good bunch of audience who will wait for your next piece of work.
And all you need to write, is a focussed mind and a connecting heart. It will become a good career by itself if it is true.

Q7) In your achievements so far,whom would you like to thank for your endeavours.

Everyone whom I have met in life, have inspired me in one way or the other. Right from my 5th grade, my friends who read my poem, my teachers who took it to the next level and till today, everyone who has read my book and given me their reviews, every little pebble that I have stepped on.
Now my husband and my sister, are my biggest critics, who read every draft and push me to deliver the best. And my parents, who always knew that I would make it one day. Thanks, will be a very small word because if they were not there, even you would have not known me.

Thanks for the amazing interview . We wish you all the best in life and in your future ahead.

– Interview Times Team

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