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In conversation with Niket Raj Dwivedi the author of “Why So poetry?” and founder of “The write order”

Why so poetry

Niket Raj Dwivedi, a 22 year old entrepreneur from Bhubaneswar who has a lit-tech startup ” The Write Order ” which publishes new writers and launches them in the country. A graduate from KIIT, Bhuabaneswar Niket is now working full time on his venture. Apart from that he has given talks in prominent institutes like IIIT Bhuabneswar and judged many literary events in Sri Sri University, IIIT Bhubaneswar etc. He loves to write and is the author of a poetry collection called “Why So Poetry?” which was released in August 2020. Recently we had a discussion with Niket, here are the excerpts,

In conversation with Niket Raj Dwivedi the author of "Why So poetry?" and founder of "The write order" 1

1- In what you are more comfortable writing, friction or thriller ?

I love thrillers, I am a huge fan of last line plot twists and have written several short stories which twisted upside down in their last paragraph or line.

2- Can you name a few authors you admire and why ?

I admire Franz Kafka, Hemingway and Charles Bukowski. Especially Bukowski because of his to the point writing style and his habit of not holding back anything and being absolutely raw.

3- Apart from being an author you are an entrepreneur too. How do you manage both ?

My entrepreneur venture is based on literature, writing and publication because I wanted my work to revolve around writing . It’s true that due to my start-up ” The write order”, I seldom get time to write but whenever I do sir to write, I write well because of the multitude of ideas that keep floating in my mind over time.

In conversation with Niket Raj Dwivedi the author of "Why So poetry?" and founder of "The write order" 2

4- From where did you get the inspiration to start your own publishing house?

I was tired of looking for big publishers in India and then came to know that they almost never select debut writers who are not celebrities or very important in some field. I felt that everyone irrespective of anything should be able to bring their work in front of the world. So I decided to build a solution for the common enthusiastic writers who really want to get out their and test the literary waters for themselves.

5- How do you manage to pick out different plots for your books?

I give myself a lot of time. Inspiration strikes in everyday regular life or during sleep when I see a dream or just plain simple imagination and the will to keep reshaping the idea until it is fantastic.

In conversation with Niket Raj Dwivedi the author of "Why So poetry?" and founder of "The write order" 3

6- Your publication house” The Write Order” is  also publishing anthologies, where authors from all over the country are contributing their write-ups, how did you come up with this idea of reuniting writers. 

The concept of anthology is quite old as it stems from magazines and literary collections. I wanted to capitalize on it because new writers are way more comfortable in testing just a piece of two of their write-ups to see how it is being received before going for a book of their own.

7- What are your future plans to enlarge your publishings house ?

 We are aiming for a pan India presence by the next year. Our base we shift to Banglore in about a month. There are many plans of expansion currently in the table

8- How did your publishing house helping amateur authors ?

By being more accessible and easy to approach, our house gives an ameture author a huge advantage and makes them feel comfortable from the very beginning.

By: Abhinash Sahu

Image Source: InterviewTimes

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