In conversation with the Author of ” On A Scale of Infinity “.


Anuja Nayak is a student and is currently pursuing a degree in Business management .She is also a small business owner and a romance – comedy book enthusiast artist .She has hobbies like Music , Literature , Reading , Art


Q1) How did you set your first foot in the field on writing ?

Ans : Growing up, I recall maintaining a small diary wherein I would write down about our trips to my hometown, Bhubaneswar. Those entries would be full of spelling mistakes and grammar errors; but I didn’t care about it as long as I could express my feelings through it. As years went by, I realised how therapeutic it was for me amidst a stressful day. It was an escape for me, still is in a lot of ways. Soon enough, I started writing in a journal and spent a lot of my creativity in making sure all the pages were themed with proper pictures and colour according to the mood. But, unfortunately I was never consistent with it  and amicably it came to a halt as well. Skip to college after 2nd wave of Covid, I had a hard time trying to adjust to the change; even though I met some amazing people who now have become a huge part of my life; somewhere I knew I needed to keep a check on myself when days were gloomy and draining than others. I started writing again for good. On 1st January 2022 I contracted covid. Life came to a screeching halt and I was quarantined. That was sort of a wakeup call for me to make the most out of my life. I searched up on google about publishing a book and that’s where it all began. I started working on a draft not knowing where I’d end up or how it’d end up. Will it be good enough? Will I abandon the project in between? Will it be worth it? Regardless, I thought I’d keep writing and working on it. Soon enough, the draft was ready and spoiler alert, it was worth it.


Q2) Tell us something about your small business .

During the 1st wave of covid, I remember how devastated I was to be attending college online. I would spend my time logging in lectures on Zoom and scrolling through Instagram while our professor would be screaming through the screen. Rest of the day would go by watching K-dramas. Worst part was, everyday was the same and I was beyond frustrated with the monotony of it all. I couldn’t hang out with my friends and on a few occasions we were would run out of topics to discuss. To break the chain, I thought, it’d be best if I could try to revive an old art account of mine “Inking Fables” and started posting reels and static posts of my paintings. In December, I posted a custom painting of my relatives as their anniversary gift. That post received a lot of love and comments. Few of those comments enquired if I were selling custom paintings and if yes, they’d be interested in purchasing it. I was taken aback by the response but after a while I thought, the idea isn’t so bad Afterall. So, after having a thorough research and discussion with my parents and friends, I launched on Instagram. It was a different feeling altogether to receive my first order. Since then, I’ve done over 15+ personalised orders for people within my circle and outside. I try to make the most out of each interaction and make sure everything is done with utmost care and precision. From working on the painting till the packaging everything is done within a time-frame of 4 days which ensures quick delivery of the order. This project has been a huge boost of confidence for me and I’ve been extremely lucky to receive so much love and support throughout the duration of it. Currently, the services are at a pause as I’m focused on majorly on pursuing my degree but I definitely plan on getting back at it.


Q3) Tell us in brief about your solo book and how did you curate the entire thing ? Also attach the link of the book .

On a scale of Infinity is a romance novel which revolves around the characters, Alissa and Nathan. Alissa Davis has a dream for herself that she would go great lengths to fulfil, her café, Meraki. But there’s just one problem; she doesn’t have enough funds to turn it into reality because life hasn’t exactly been kind to her. So, she steps to New York with nothing but an offer letter from ‘Horizon Industries’ and the ambition to change her life. But she panics, when she bumps into her old flame; Nathan Cullins, an ambitious, handsome, and driven gentleman, who conveniently also happens to be the CEO of the company she is bound to be working in. The story flows in a very breezy manner and the wordings aren’t Shakespeare-ish which I think makes it suitable for everyone who is willing to give this story a chance. While working on this book, I made it a point to keep this book as simple to read as possible. That helped me in building the storyline a much smoother experience than anticipated because, that way the flow almost felt natural. I was very worried about the deadline in the beginning of the journey, I was worried that it would take a lot of my energy and at one point I would give up on it but; it turned out the complete opposite. I remember I had read somewhere “The only thing that you take with you when you’re gone is what you leave behind.” and it stuck with me throughout. I would usually give myself a challenge of writing 1000 words per day which slowly caught up on its own pace and I eventually stopped counting.


Q4) Nowadays the youth is always glued to the social media .What are your views on this topic ?

So, like, social media is everywhere these days, right? It’s like this crazy digital world where everyone hangs out and shares stuff about their lives. As an author, I got to say, it can be pretty cool. It’s a way to connect with people, express yourself, and maybe even find your own little community of like-minded peeps. It’s kind of like having a virtual bestie squad! But, you know, there’s also a flip side to it. Sometimes, we get caught up in this whole social media frenzy and end up comparing ourselves to others. It’s like everyone’s posting their picture-perfect lives, and it can make us feel a bit down about our own situations. That’s not cool, right? I think the key here is finding a balance. It’s all about enjoying the fun and excitement of social media while remembering that there’s a real world out there too. It’s like having a delicious cake, but not forgetting to savor the sweet moments of real-life connections, experiences, and personal growth. Being mindful of our social media use can help us stay grounded and keep things real. So, yeah, go ahead and enjoy scrolling through those feeds, but don’t forget to put down the phone sometimes and embrace the awesomeness of the offline world too.

Remember, it’s your life, your journey, and you get to decide how you want to navigate this social media thing. Stay true to yourself, stay humble, and always be open to new perspectives. Embracing different ideas and experiences


Q5) Tell us about who were your inspiration in the field of writing ?

In the realm of young romance novels, there are several authors who have left a significant impact. One notable author who has captured the hearts of readers is Nicholas Sparks. His emotionally-driven storytelling and heartfelt characters have resonated with many, making him an inspiration for those who enjoy romantic narratives. Another author who has made a mark in the literary world is Sarah Dessen. Her relatable characters and compelling coming-of-age stories have touched the lives of young readers, providing inspiration for many aspiring authors in the genre of young adult romance. Beyond the world of novels, there are iconic authors who have shaped the literary landscape as a whole. Authors like Jane Austen, who penned timeless classics like “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility,” continue to be a source of inspiration for their ability to capture the complexities of love and relationships. Of course, inspiration can also come from other sources, such as personal experiences, nature, or even everyday interactions. Each writer finds their own unique sources of inspiration that fuel their creativity and storytelling. Ultimately, it’s important to recognize and honour the influences that have shaped the literary world while also finding your own voice and style. It’s an exciting journey of self-discovery and growth, and there’s always room for new voices to bring fresh perspectives and stories to the table.


Q6) Finally tell us about some of your favourite writers.

I have this habit of slacking off on reading some really great novels but I’ve got some awesome author recommendations for you! If you’re into young romance novels, you should definitely check out these authors. Sarah Dessen writes beautiful stories about love and self-discovery, like “The Truth About Forever” and “Just Listen.” Jenny Han’s books, including the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” series, are super relatable and heart-warming. Kasie West’s novels offer sweet and light-hearted romances with a focus on friendship and personal growth. Stephanie Perkins creates swoon-worthy love stories set in exciting locations, starting with “Anna and the French Kiss.” And if you’re in the mood for summer adventures and heart-warming romances, Morgan Matson’s books like “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “The Unexpected Everything” are perfect. Give these authors a try, and I’m sure you’ll find some amazing reads!

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