In Conversation with the Author that creates magic with her ink – Chhavi Saini

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Chhavi Saini is one of the most popular writers in this era. Her contribution towards literature is commendable. Having authored two books “In the Lap of Silence” and “The Love Sphere” she has been honored with Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award. Let us get an insight to her life.

Q1) Since you have been into writing so many books, tell us since when you started writing?

Ans- I was just 10 years old in 6th grade when I wrote for the first time. It was a poetry on Indian festival ‘Holi’, I was on top of my voice telling my parents, siblings and teachers about my poetry and they all were quite happy. It motivated me and I wrote another one and then one more; there was pause in between too. I stopped writing after writing my first 3 poetries, there was a moment when I thought poetry was not the cup of my tea. After some months I again started to write and then never stopped. The poetry and language got improved day by day and started writing on regular basis. Then I decided to publish my collection of poetries in my solo books.

Q2) Was choosing the genre of the books difficult for you, or you simply knew which was best?


Ans- choosing genres for a poetry is indeed a difficult task but when you know what you want to showcase the world you don’t have to look for the hints. I really don’t think much about genres because most of the times I discover myself suggesting good genres for my own books. one should first realize the worth of self and the importance of work they produce, if a writer knows about the importance of his/her work then they will never find themselves struggling in choosing the genres that please the readers or the audience of the book. Most writers think that genre has to be the interest of the reader but if the book is not their own type it will definitely reflect the work and hard work.

Q3) You have received the very Honorable “Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award”. Tell us something about your experience.

Ans- this award is one of the biggest achievements I have in such a young age. The moment I was informed about my selection for this award I was blooming with happiness. it was one of the best moments of my life that I can never forget and I actually don’t want to. It makes me feel very elated to have this award decorated in my house.

Q4) You have also co-authored several books, especially Serenity Volume-2, Behind the Face, Whispers of Heart etc. Tell us how you did your time management while managing to contribute in so many books?

Ans- yes, it is true; writing for so many books and then my solo books become hectic sometimes but you can easily make time for the things you love. I have a capacity of writing at least 20-25 short poetries and 8-10 long poetries per day which does not make me feel like writing for such big publishers is tough. You should just know what you are writing. How you are writing and is it acceptable to you or not. If you have answers to all the questions then you are on a right track.

Q5) What is that one advice you want to give to the young writers who aspire of writing a book?

Ans- ‘develop a thick hide before you start actually start writing anything. Just read a lot; read as much as you can it will develop your lexical resources and help you gain control over the language. Research about writers and poets, read about their life style but don’t blindly copy them too. Understand who you are what you write and how you write. Learn new words and try to use them in writing skills. Most important thing; know and understand yourself and your work. You have to respect books if you want respect from them. Write with love and compassion.

Thank you readers

Happy writing.

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