In Conversation With the young & versatile Actor Harihar Dash


1. What was your first encounter with acting?

My acting career started in 2011. When I got back from India’s Got Talent, I was offered many acting consignments, lot of movies but I wanted to be a dancer and a choreographer. So I didn’t think I would get into the acting field. I denied Six movie proposals .The seventh project was given by my Director Sudhanshu Mohan Sahu. The movie was “ Mu Premi Mu Pagala ”, which came out in 2011. This was my first encounter with movie.

2. How was your experience with the movie?

The experience was very good. Because, when I dance on the stage I have a fixed audience in front of me from whom I get the feedback immediately.

But in movies, you have to act in front of the camera, there is no live audience. So there is no feedback coming instantly. So it felt a little weird while acting.

This was a project of 60 days. The first film that I shot for 60 days. It was a great opportunity for me to understand How a film works. I got to learn a lot of things.

3. One most satisfying movie of your own?

There is one more movie that I did was, “ He Prabhu Dekha De ”, which came out in 2016. That was a film made by professionals from South Industry. So I had a different kind of experience starting from the screenplay to till the end of the entire movie shooting, I had a great experience working with the people. The people were very humble. The movie was directed by Gopi Anand, South Director. I had a very Peculiar character in the movie. I was a pocket-maar in chief. I have made two friends there as well. I worked with Anu Choudhury ma’am in that movie. It was a story based on, A Ganesh Murti gets stolen from a Temple, which lands with us and then people are after us to get the Murti. It was a different kind of movie in 2016, when people were more into Rom-Coms. So I had a different kind of experience with that movie so that movie will always remain special to me.

4. Who is your First teacher or Inspiration in particular?

When I went to school I saw my first teacher. I have learnt a lot of things all by myself like acting, dancing and currently I’m learning music as well. So I’m a learner and I pick things to learn from wherever I like. My huge inspiration would be Michael Jackson in life. Because when I saw his videos, after that I was inspired to take dance as a career.

5. What is your favourite Destination?

From 2012 to 2014 I was in Las Vegas, USA. I love that place, I used to work there. It’s a great place to stay and have fun. But recently, I had been to Dubai, to where I would definitely want to travel again. In fact, I have planned to go there next month itself for a short vacation.

6. What does acting mean for you?

Acting is a big canvas for me, where we can actually express ourselves in a lot of different ways. I think acting would be that art form which has everything. Acting is something where you play a lot of different roles. In real life, if you want to become a policeman or doctor or an engineer or anything you just have to pick one profession, but acting is one profession where you can play all of them. So I think acting gives the imagination, a flight and it also shapes up your imagination. If your imagination is unlimited, then acting is the only thing I see that can shape up your imagination. Being an actor you can do and express everything and each role is different. You just can become someone else and live their life for a specific moment.

7. If you get a rebirth what would you want to become?

I would again want to become Me with having the current memories as well so that i can have an extension of this life. I really want to have this memory because I do not want to let go of the knowledge I had till now and I want to explore the world having the extension of the knowledge.

8. Tell us ablout your favourite sport?

Being an Indian, Cricket is definitely my favourite. But I play different sports as well. Recently I had a Cricket tournament. Cricket will always remain my first love in sports. But except Cricket I like to play Badminton as well and according to me dance is also a great sport.

By – Suruchi Jena

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