Interview with The worthy winner of The Pioneer’s Flair Awards 2022- Anupreeta Chatterjee


There are several solo books that has been made a special corner in the heart of the readers. They have been appreciated for the language, the plot and the intense connect with the readers. Let us know about an author who has written the book “Muktibodh” which is published by Bookleaf Publications. She has also authored praise worthy books “Life of a woman” and “Poetic Wings”

Q1) Welcome to our series “In Conversation with the Eminent Authors”. Tell us about the initial start in your writing journey.

Thank you so much for inviting me to this exciting interview. I hope whatever truth I narrate here will help other authors to relate to my journey of self-discovery as a poetess. I started composing poems when I was just 13. I discovered my hidden talent when I was trying to help my friend to complete his home assignment. The first poem that I wrote was titled, “Ram Bhakt Tota”. Ofcourse, I started writing in my favourite language i.e., Hindi. Then, I started writing poems on social issues. Well, I was also fond of journaling. So, whatever I felt, I wrote them in my personal diary. One of the diaries still remained with a dear friend of mine from Raigarh. Well, I did not get it back. But it was a gift of memories that my friend has for now. Eventually, I started writing short stories. However, I was always an abstract observer and writer. Even though, I was not a student of philosophy, my poetry has the essence of it. The initial poem that was published in my school’s magazine was titled, “Bravery and its soul”. This poem was a tribute to soldiers. I felt strongly for them since my childhood as I was quite fond of Netaji and his ideology. I was a rebel. So, I wrote like one. Harsh and crude. Open and naked. No rhythm, no grammar. It was just a flow of thoughts and ideas as they came by.

Q2) Tell us something about the plot of the book “Muktibodh” and how did you select the plot.

Ans- Whatever I write, I don’t crave for attention much. I crave for love and gratitude. And, that’s the sole purpose of being true to myself and my worthy talent. I consider writing as my soulmate. It is an act that makes me feel as if I am married to my profession and identity. Well, that’s why, I often feel that I don’t need a partner as such because my notepad, diary and laptop become the world for me where I narrate my truth as I experience the world. When I say “world”, it covers both material and immaterial. Muktibodh is a work that describes my love for Lord Shiva. It’s the same truth in its most sublime form. I wrote it so that I could cherish the bond between life and death. I criticized the external show-sha where our faith is nothing more than just pretense. The book contains vivid imagery where I sit in front of the moon, soaking its light coming through Shiva and touching me while illuminating the darkness of my inner world. The book has a spiritual circumference which resolves the conflict between “I” and “others”.

Q3) You have also won several eminent awards. tell us about your experience and how did you prepare for such events.

Ans: These awards are just a token of appreciation for my work. I don’t prepare for them. They just happen. Getting recognized for the work that I love the most delights me. But I am not aiming for them as such. So, there’s no such preparation that I do for receiving them. I write because I love to write. It’s that simple & passionate!

Q4) We all know , there is a lot of hardwork that comes into play whenever a book is curated . Tell us something about how much time you devote to writing.

Ans- Patience & endurance are two key elements that anyone would need to curate a poem of even three lines or I would rather call it a haiku. Before writing, you must experience life as it is. Obviously, not all roses bloom when the paths that we choose are thorny. I mean it. Because I have faced a lot of questions when I chose to write books. None supported me when I sat for writing these poetry pamphlets except for the publisher i.e., BookLeaf Publishing and other senior poets. Everyone thought of me as a mediocre performer who fails at delivering the best because I could not figure out if there is any best definition for the word “best”.  The hardships don’t end there. They have merely started. You work for someone day and night to earn for yourself and to self-finance your education by writing but your colleagues start pulling your legs. These are just daily life experiences. There is more to becoming a profound writer. You have to experience pain for being in love with your art. Because, you are all for it and it is all for you. Initially, I wrote for 3 hours continuously and then it increased to 9 hours per day.

Q5) “Life of a Woman” is another beautiful piece written by you . Tell us something about the book.

Ans- I would call myself an experiential poetess. A poetess who composes poems on the basis of her intuitive rationality. I decided to author “Life of a woman” when I saw that feminism was used as tool to show women as victims. That was the moment when I wanted to change the stance where women have achieved a certain milestone after crossing all hurdles. The question of privilege might come into notice, but women have remained historically subjugated as they accepted it themselves. And feminism cannot begin with subjugation. For this, there should be an anticipation among women that they were destined to achieve much more than they have already achieved even if it comes at a cost of their lives. At least they be liberated from dependence all together. However, there is a difference between collaboration and dependence. A woman should not treat herself as a victim but as a collaborator.  That was the purpose of my writing.

Q6) One advice you would want to give to the authors who want to pursue their career in the writing genre.

Ans- Never give up. Keep fighting. The world is the Kurukshetra. Fight hard and choose your battles wisely.

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