Interview with eminent youtuber Ayanava Hazra



What made you, take up YouTube ?

YouTube was never been my plan. You will get a lot of channels on engineering and management but there were a few who share their knowledge or work experience in this vast field of pharmacy so basically what happens new people who want to enter this field do not get proper information and thus end up in a lot of confusion. So I thought why not to make a channel and make people aware of colleges and state level entrance exams related stuffs so that they can get some advantage and persue their career in pharmacy.

How much hardwork goes in the process of editing ?

It literally takes a lot of hardwork as I’m still a student and don’t have any other source of income so basically I’m the only one who does all the process starting from selection of topic to setting up background, pop-up’s, video editing and animations. I generally takes 45-60 minutes to edit a video.

What is the best experience you have had till now !

There lots of experience I have had faced till now but for me best was when I got admission in Chhattisgarh for my masters and as I am from Bengal so I was very much afraid at first as it was a new state totally for me but from the starting when I went to my University from the students to all the professors even the director of the institute also recognised & greet me , so I feel like I have came to my own college. So that was the best moment for me

You do research videos on educational institutions and help people to enroll in different colleges. how much time does it take for the research ?

It is not at all an easy task to help enroll people in different colleges as it requires a lot of research at ground level. It is not at all mandatory that if a particular college has got good reviews on internet would be good some could be opposite. I make sure I do not recommend a college where someone feels like why am I here and end up with frustration and thus I gather information on Instagram, LinkedIn and through some other sources that I can’t reveal.

What do you want to suggest to people who want to take YouTube as career option?

Answer -5. YouTube is certainly great as a career. Access to a global audience and the alternative of pursuing your interests with creativity. Youtube gives you the choice of following your own passion. You don’t need a lifetime of debt and a college degree to get a Youtube career. Talent alone is enough.

By Subhechcha Ganguly