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KPMG has hired 800 Freshers at once


KPMG, one of the four major accounting firms in India, has newly hired. KPMG has said it is relieved of the situation caused by Covid-19, which employs 800 freshmen at a time. KPMG Consultancy appears to have made the appointment for its digital platform.

Most companies now want to invest in digital transformation verticals. Sixty percent of the employees employed by KPMG are involved in the consulting business. So the organization is prioritizing digital recruitment. The company has more than 550 lateral and experienced employees, according to the company. “As last year, the company pooled its talent, but now it’s interested in investing in more,” it said.

The country’s largest consulting firms employ an average of more than 125,000 professionals annually. However, no one has been hired for the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020. Most of the consulting firms, including law firms, have been affected by the outbreak. Their business has been severely affected by the closure of advanced payment.

However, top organizations such as Deloitte, EYE, PWC, Khaitan, AZB and Trilegal have now opened their offers for Fresh Lawyer, MBA and Chartered Accountants. However, according to the information received, the demand for Covid-19 has decreased in the field of employment. Top companies have now hired hundreds of app developers, software developers, analytics and enterprise software engineers. Because they are now looking for new enthusiasm in the digital business. Accordingly, the KPMG also seeks the best talent available in a variety of currents.

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