Lady blackmailer Archana meets her husband for second time in jail

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

At Jharapada Jail in this Odisha state, lady blackmailer Archana Nag sees her husband Jagabandhu for a second time. The pair reportedly spoke for nearly 25 minutes while a jailer and other security personnel were there. It is significant that Archana and Jagabandu met again this week after the first meeting last Sunday, according to reports.

The detained pair is allowed to get together once every week, according to the prison manual. Archana and Jagabandhu were able to speak today after following the handbook. It should be remembered that Archana was detained by the police on October 7 on suspicion of blackmail. Later on October 21, her husband was taken into custody at their Satyavihar home.

The couple’s assistant Khageswar is currently being investigated by the authorities. In addition, the police have confiscated their phones, laptops, and flash drives and are continuing their investigation.


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