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Liquor Price To Be Dropped Down In Odisha

Liquor Price To Be Dropped Down In Odisha

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By Dikhya Mohanty

The prices of liquor to be lessened in Odisha and the change in prices will be applicable from tomorrow. The Odisha Government had imposed a special COVID fee on an alcoholic beverage in May 2020 over and above tax rates of 2020-21.

This has resulted in an increase of approximately 50% of MRP for most of the Alcoholic beverages. Recently the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages urged the Odisha government to reduce the special COVID-19 fee imposed on liquor from 50 per cent to a reasonable rate and allow retailers in the state to sell such products from outlets.

Liquor Price To Be Dropped Down In Odisha 1
Liquor Price

The imposed cess has increased consumer prices by 50 per cent, leading to a drastic fall in liquor sales and a decrease in tax collection. Now that 50 per cent of the Maximum Retail Price is to be reduced to 15 per cent.

Shut down of retail shops is threatening the livelihood of people who are associated with the distribution and sales of liquor through retail outlets. 

Liquor sales have also declined due to the lockdown. Accordingly, the consumers of IMFL, FMFL, and beers will have to pay a 35 per cent less special COVID fee on the purchase of liquor in the state.

The change in price will be applicable from tomorrow. Now Government has decided to revise the MRP of these alcohol sold in the State by vindicating the rate of special Covid fee charged.

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