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Mani Ratnam “cinemas using social issues to gain audience”

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Mani Ratnam, a brilliant filmmaker, is known for deftly fusing artistic and business aspects of filmmaking without being constrained by a lack of familiarity with the language. According to Mani Ratnam, whose films have focused on some of the numerous complexity that frame Indian society, movies are made not merely to talk about topics but to feel them so strongly that they worry you and manifest in some way into a film. Ratnam, who is well recognised for documenting modern life, is currently anticipating the premiere of Ponniyin Selvan – I, his first historical play.

The multilingual movie, which centres on the Chola dynasty in the ninth century and depicts an important period in Indian history, is set in opulent palaces and on arid battlefields, but it finds its significance in the timeless themes of politics, power, and ambition. All of the issues are current and valid today. A lot of this is still typical, and it was there a thousand years ago. the politics, power struggles, and suffering it causes. Everyone will be able to relate to the movie in some way, Ratnam said in an interview with PTI.

The master director has established a reputation for deftly fusing the artistic and business aspects of filmmaking without being constrained by a lack of communication. His critically acclaimed trilogy Roja, Bombay, and Dil Se, the first two of which are in Tamil and Hindi, examines interpersonal interactions against a backdrop of militancy and civil turmoil. Another movie, Yuva, discusses student activism, while the movie Iruvar was partially based on the relationship between the two political titans of Tamil Nadu, MG Ramachandran and M Karunanidhi. We all go through different stages in life, but sometimes, only those issues are important to you, therefore you strive to make them into a movie if you can. There are many problems that I couldn’t find a way to discuss, therefore those aren’t made at all.

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