Meet the Articulated Entrepreneur of the Silver City- Mr. Kaushal Poddar. MD- ORISSA PLASTO

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We are delighted to share with you the inspiring tale of Mr. Kaushal Poddar, a respected local of the Silver City, who has channeled his ideas and passion to pave his path to success. The family of Sri Shyam Sundar Poddar permanently relocated to Jagatpur, Cuttack, Odisha, from Kolkata in 1995. Mr. Kaushal Poddar, the eldest son of the family, enrolled in Cambridge School in Cuttack’s Cantonment Road in the ninth grade and earned an ICSE diploma there in 1997. He earned a B.Com. from Ravenshaw College in Cuttack (Hons). He later earned an MBA from Symbiosis Pune. Mr. Kaushal Poddar, who will have 25 years of professional experience by 2022, has taken a strong interest in the father’s business since 1997.

“ORISSA PLASTO” is the top manufacturer of PVC, UPVC, SWR, borewell casing, HDPE, garden hoses, CPVC pipes, and fittings with its manufacturing facilities in Jagatpur New Industrial Estate, Cuttack. They are skilled in production and have a wealth of experience in plastic products dating back to 1996. They were the first company in the state of Odisha to produce CPVC pipes and fittings. In 1992, ORISSA PLASTO PIPES PVT. LTD. began its adventure. It was a failing OSFC division called Utkal Products, which was later taken over by seasoned Kolkata-based businessman Er. Shyam Sundar Poddar, who is currently the company’s chairman. After overcoming various obstacles, the unit began to produce in 1994. They Thank the govt. Odisha came up with the make-in Odisha conclave, which is a very essential step to bring investment in the state to promote the revenue of the state govt which will directly help in the development of the state.

Mr. Kaushal says, my father took over this ill unit, Orissa Plasto pipes Pvt ltd, from osfc in 1992. Because of his dedication, I learned how to bring a sick unit back to life, get it operating, and turn it into a profitable business. As a ssi entity, we are currently on track to reach a 100 crore yearly turnover. The USP of Orissa Plasto is that we mainly focus on a few points which are the best service, product quality, pricing, customer satisfaction, and uninterrupted regular supply of our products to our channel partners, dealers n distributors. That is why we stand n deliver n committed to our tag line is “bringing you the best ’’

Through his tireless efforts and commitment to the company’s expansion, Mr. Kaushal Poddar has raised the company’s turnover. In 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013, he upgraded the technology and increased the PVC pipe plant’s manufacturing capacity from 200 metric tonnes per year to 6500 metric tonnes per year. In 2018, he developed a brand-new production facility at Jagatpur by founding a new business called AADI POLYEXTRUSION & MOULDING PVT. LTD. The business manufactures CPVC Pipes, UPVC Pipes, SWR Pipes, Garden Hoses, and CPVC Fittings. From an annual business of Rs 35 lakhs in 1997, the company has progressed toward a turnover of Rs 100 crores today, in 2022. With an investment of Rs 20 crores, Mr. Kaushal Poddar, a young, successful entrepreneur, is building a new plant using the most up-to-date technology in Jagatpur to produce water tanks, PVC suction hoses, LLDPE flat hoses, PVC braided hoses, and their fittings. Production will begin in 2024. As of right now, the business serves the entire state of Odisha and sells its goods through reputable dealers and distributors. All reputable sanitary establishments in the state of Odisha carry items under the brand name “ORISSA PLASTO.”

Covid 19 was very deadly & dangerous, especially with the outspread of the virus after the lockdown. They hardly closed their unit for 25 days during the national lockdown but their commitment to regular supply to their dealers & distributors forced them to operate the plant with the covid protocols & safety guidelines. Their business was not affected as much as they expected after the outbreak as they were consumer-based essential commodity water & sanitation-related products manufacturers.

“Plastic is a consumable product but as said excess of anything is bad so excess use of plastic is not good for the environment. Plastic is a very good material but we have to learn & it’s our responsibility to recycle plastic as well as how to decompose it. State govt has to take necessary steps for the decomposition of waste as well as ban harmful plastics. Regarding further installations of new plastic industries state govt has to come up with a policy on the district industrial center level to assess the per capita consumption of that particular product and the installed capacity inside the state, so as to restrict the excess production capacity installation which is not good for the health of the industry”, opines Mr. Kaushal.

Every brand has its own piece of the market, no one has the power to completely dominate it, and each product should be able to stand on its own merits in the in-and-out of the rush market where competition should be robust. Since they have been in business for 25 years and have established a name for themselves in the market, they are happy with what they have accomplished to date and are looking to expand.

They come from a family of entrepreneurs; their forebears have been in business since the 20th century. They moved to Odisha 27 years ago from Kolkata. Their ancestors hail from Rajasthan, and they have relatives and families who have migrated to various states and regions across India for business. As a result, business is in their blood, and they are proud of it because today’s businessmen provide employment and taxes, both of which are crucial for the development of a country.

Lastly, he says I believe in simple living and high thinking and a person should always be updated he should change himself according to the present world and adapt to new things which comes across in life. Change with time is very important in this competitive world but one should always be connected to the roots and family values. Everything is necessary whether it is fashion lifestyle or luxury. Lead life as it comes your way.

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