‘Mo Bus’ Engages The Public Engagement In Social Media During State Lockdown

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

‘Mo Bus’ managed by the Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) has made good use of its Twitter handle to engage the public in trivia and games during the lockdown period in the state.

During the Odisha lockdown, the team of ‘Mo Bus’ has managed to engage the public engagement in their Twitter handle. From trivia associated with bus stops in the Twin Cities to jumbled words and ‘Fill in the blanks, the microblogging account of Mo Bus provides a much-needed respite to its followers from a constant buzz of COVID deaths and Coronavirus cases that they are faced with whenever they switch on the TV sets or open the morning newspapers.

On 28 May, ‘Mo Bus’ posted four pictures on its Twitter handle and asked the followers to associate them with the bus stops they symbolise. The users were quick to respond, to which the ‘MO Bus’ Twitter admin was prompt enough to answer back.

Even with another post on the microblogging site, they posted a ‘Fill in the blanks’ to attract engagement. “Let’s do a brain workout while you stay at home. Share your answers in the comment section. Hint- Some words are related to CRUT & some are related to the preventive measures of coronavirus.”

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