More than 200 kids, 500 senior citizens lost & found during Bali Yatra

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

Over the course of the last nine days, the legendary Bali Yatra in Cuttack, Odisha, resulted in the loss of 500 elderly people and more than 200 children. According to Cuttack DCP Pinak Mishra, they were located with the assistance of police officers and given to their family members on Wednesday.

According to sources, almost 200 kids from various locations were separated during the Bali Yatra rush in Cuttack during the last nine days. Additionally, more than 500 elderly people perished. Police officers managed to find them, nevertheless, and returned them to their families.

According to reports, 46 youngsters went missing on Sunday. It was the most children who went missing during Bali Yatra in a single day.

The Police Control Room was crucial in finding these kids. The yatra, which attracted thousands of visitors, was crime-free. We only saw one or two instances of eve teasing. Female police officers were crucial in finding the kids.

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