Myntra Promotes Maya to Provide AI-Powered Interactive Product Discovery Assistance, Prior to Major Fashion Festival

Myntra AI

The conversational AI-powered chatbot Maya was created by Myntra, a prominent fashion, beauty, and lifestyle retail destination in India, to improve the user experience and allow for faster, more informed purchasing decisions. Myntra’s virtual fashion influencer, Maya, has expanded her services to include AI-backed buying help within the app, in addition to the provision of social media-based fashion inspiration. The exceptional capability of the feature to simplify discovery and refine selections for customers, thereby eliminating any ambiguity, is set to improve customers’ buying experience beginning with the next holiday season. By answering some of their specific and relatively intricate questions while being contextually aware, this state-of-the-art chatbot is all set to help users navigate through Myntra’s wide assortment of styles. It was released on the Myntra app just before Myntra’s annual marquee festive event, Big Fashion Festival (BFF).

Maya is brilliant and perceptive, and she has a knack for figuring out what each individual client needs. She helps clients find exactly what they’re searching for by suggesting appropriate products from the 2.3 million designs in the fashion, cosmetics, footwear, and home categories on Myntra. Maya can also carry out conversational shopping, answering a variety of sophisticated questions from consumers with ease. I need some advice on what to dress to a club party on a Saturday night, or I need to get a grooming kit for my friend’s birthday next Sunday. Don’t be afraid of bright colours and graphic patterns! After asking a few clarifying questions, Maya will intelligently select a set of products that are a good fit for the user’s needs. Maya’s ability to recognise its surroundings and respond appropriately enables her to provide suggestions to consumers based on their history of interactions within a single session. Maya improves the shopping experience for customers by providing them with personalised product recommendations and lessening the amount of time they have to spend making a choice.

The functionality uses the query comprehension and conversational skills of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
With the use of its ChatGPT foundation and Myntra’s in-house cataloguing and search technology, Maya provides a completely novel user experience by facilitating search based on a user’s more natural manner of messaging. Maya may serve in real-time to answer any and all of a customer’s fashion-related queries, just like a human sales associate would.

At first, just 10% of Myntra’s user base will have access to the new function, but in the near future, that number will increase dramatically. The current emphasis of the feature is on presenting relevant results to customers, but in the future it will be extended to do additional duties such as summarising ratings and reviews, helping with size selection, acquiring voice and picture capabilities, and much more. Plans are in the works to make Maya vernacular language compatible, which would boost the language’s profile in lower-tier urban centres. The functionality is protected against abuse by means such as reacting just to applicable inputs on the platform. Explore button on Myntra app’s home screen connects users with Maya.

“The introduction of our AI-powered shopping assistant, Maya, marks a significant milestone in our journey to elevate the shopping experience of millions of fashion-forward shoppers in the country by providing a conversational interface to our users,” said Raghu Krishnananda, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Myntra. As the holiday season approaches, we can’t wait to have our customers start using Maya, since we know she will make it easier for them to locate the clothes and accessories they’ve been looking for. Myntra has been at the forefront of guiding the fashion industry into the future via ground-breaking technologies like My Stylist and MyFashionGPT, and this new addition complements that effort. Over the next several months, the business anticipates that over 20% of Myntra’s user base will interact with Maya as a result of this deployment.

Myntra’s Big Fashion Festival is set to bring shoppers great cheer this holiday season. Unbeatable deals on hundreds of domestic and international brands will be available to clients during the event, and they can get an extra 15% off by using the Myntra credit card that the company has created in partnership with Kotak Mahindra Bank.

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