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National Cashew Day: ‘Wonder Nut’ in diet regime


Regardless of whether you like them plain, salted or broiled, cashews are a scrumptious treat! Despite the fact that cashews are widely used in Thai, Indian, and Chinese cuisines, theses kidney-shaped seeds sourced from the cashew tree — a tropical tree native to Brazil. They have additionally been generally developed in India and Africa since the time the Portuguese exported them during the sixteenth century. Cashews are a however now cultivated in different countries across the world. They’re wealthy in supplements and helpful plant compounds and make for an excellent addition to numerous dishes. Like nuts, cashews help improve our health. They’ve been connected to benefits like weight reduction, improved glucose control, and a healthier heart.

Best source of supplements and nutrients

Cashews have low sugar content but more fiber content and plant protein. There are also the storehouse of copper, magnesium, and manganese which help in production of energy, brain and bone health.

Contain advantageous plant compounds

Nuts and seeds are viewed as power house of antioxidants to be reckoned with, and cashews are no special case. Antioxidants are helpful plant aggravates that keep our body sound by killing harm causing particles called free radicals. Thus, this lessens aggravation and builds your body’s capacity to resist sickness. Cashews contain both polyphenols and carotenoids — two classes of antioxidants. Studies interface antioxidants in nuts like pecans, walnuts, and almonds to bring down degrees of oxidative cell damage.

Great weight loss substitutes

Research is beginning to connect nut-rich eating regimens to more noteworthy weight reduction and by and large lower body loads than sans nut abstains from food. This may partially be clarified by the way that cashews seem to furnish the body with less calories. Cashews give 157 calories for each 1-ounce (28-gram) serving. Notwithstanding, the human body may just process and retain around 84% of these calories. This is likely on the grounds that a part of the fat they contain stays caught inside the cashew’s fibrous wall instead of being retained during assimilation.

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Cooking or crushing nuts may build your body’s capacity to completely process them, accordingly expanding the quantity of calories retained. Accordingly, weight reduction advantages might be most grounded for entire, crude cashews, albeit more exploration is expected to affirm this. Nuts are likewise wealthy in protein and fiber, which are known to decrease hunger and advance sentiments of completion, the two of which can additionally advance weight reduction

Improve health of heart

Nuts, including cashews, for their rich nutrient content have been reliably connected to a lower danger of infection, for example, stroke and coronary illness. A couple of studies have zeroed in on the particular heart medical advantages of cashews. Individuals with type 2 diabetes who devoured 10% of their day by day calories from cashews had lower LDL cholesterol to HDL cholesterol proportions than the individuals who ate no cashews. A low LDL to HDL proportion is normally seen as a marker of good heart.

Research also show critical changes in cholesterol or fatty substance levels following the utilization of 1–3.8 ounces (28–108 grams) of cashews every day for 4–12 weeks. Analysts propose that these conflicting outcomes might be because of the set number of studies and their little member sizes. They infer that in spite of the fact that cashews are similarly prone to profit heart wellbeing as different nuts, more examination is expected to affirm this. There additionally might be contrasts dependent on whether members in these investigations supplanted more unfortunate snacks with cashews or just added cashews to their present eating designs.

Helpful for individuals with type 2 diabetes

Individuals with type 2 diabetes may profit by adding cashews to their eating regimen. That is partially in light of the fact that cashews are a decent source of fiber, a supplement that prevents glucose spikes and which is accepted to offer resistance against type 2 diabetes. Individuals with type 2 diabetes who ate 10% of their everyday calories from cashews had by and large lower insulin levels — a marker of glucose control — than the individuals who ate no cashews by any means. Also, cashews just contain 8 grams of net carbs per parcel, of which under 2 grams come from sugars.

National Cashew Day: 'Wonder Nut' in diet regime 2

Net carbs allude to the aggregate sum of carbs in a food, short the measure of fiber it contains — offering a benefit for the net measure of carbs that your body can really ingest. Subbing nourishments higher in net carbs and sugar with cashews is probably going to help lessen glucose levels. All things considered, more examination is expected to inspect the impacts of cashew-rich weight control plans in individuals with type 2 diabetes.


Cashews are wealthy in fiber and protein. They additionally contain an assortment of nutrients, minerals, and wellbeing defensive useful plant mixes. Also to nuts, cashews may advance weight reduction, glucose control, and heart wellbeing. Notwithstanding, there’s less exploration on cashews than on different nuts. Subsequently, more cashew-explicit investigations are expected to affirm these advantages. All things considered, there are little drawbacks to adding more cashews to your eating routine. Simply make sure to pick unsalted dry broiled or crude assortments at whatever point conceivable.

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