Need Not Be Scared, Exercise Self Caution For Covid: Dr Jayant Panda

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

With only one or two persons testing positive for Covid-19 with mild symptoms out of over 6000 tests in Odisha, there is no reason to be frightened, said Dr Jayant Panda, Head of the Department, Medicine, SCB Medical College & Hospital.

“In our state despite carrying out tests of over 6000 persons we are getting 1-2 positive cases which are mild. Despite fever clinic, Covid Ward, ICU, VRDL testing remaining open in SCB Medical College & Hospital in the last two months there no patients nor positive cases are being detected. So the scenario is reassuring. So under these circumstances when cases are rising in some countries, situation in India is good and in Odisha it is far better. Our daily case positivity rate is 0.01% and 0.12% weekly which is very negligible. So in my estimation our Covid management was so good so therefore there is no reason to be frightened with this number,” said Dr Panda sharing Covid update with the people of the State today.

However, Dr Panda advised people to take precaution, wear mask, practice cleanliness and hygiene, take booster dose if not taken already and go for isolation if there are any symptoms and get tested.

He informed that those who have not taken booster dose can take the nasal vaccine as booster dose.

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