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‘New Normal’ In Hotel And Hospitality Industry In Odisha After Covid-19


Covid-19 pandemic affected in an extensive margin in all the sectors. Now, Odisha is all set to adopt the new normal in the hotel, restaurant, hospitality, and tourism industry. A State-level workshop was held where all the stakeholders from Government, Hotels, and Travel & Tourism sector participated.

This State level workshop addressed the ‘New Normal’ in all these sectors. J K Mohanty, Hotel & Restaurant Association of Odisha (HRAO), stated that the Odisha Government is very much handling the COVID situation very well. The hotels, restaurants, hospitality, and tourism industry will soon be open up with the new normal conditions.  He also stated that hoteliers and restaurant owners would ensure that all the guidelines and norms regarding the COVID-19 will be taken care of. The staff will also ensure that all hygienic practices will be provided.

The workshop was organized with four sessions, which also included the inaugural session. Director Tourism Sachin Jadhav, Secretary Tourism Vishal Kumar Dev, Dr. Md Sabir Hussain of Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management (IITTM), Debasish Patnaik, Sarada Ghosh along with specialists from the industry articulated on pandemic preparation and acknowledgment in the hotel and restaurant industry, etiquettes for assuring adequate safety measures, prevention of COVID at the particular and institutional level.

‘New Normal’ In Hotel And Hospitality Industry In Odisha After Covid-19 1

Asit Tripathy, Chief Secretary, also said that tourism and hospitality were the worst affected industry due to the current pandemic.” With 39% of its geographic area under forest coverage, Odisha is an exciting mosaic of nineteen sanctuaries, one national park, two tiger reserves, largest lake, significant number of Irrawaddy dolphins, largest wintering ground for birds, and long seashore which offer vast opportunities for nature and eco-tourism.”

He further added that with the positive and united endeavors, the tourism and hospitality industry `would soon overcome Coronavirus’s effects. He also advised all the stakeholders to attach full importance to implementing an exceptional guest experience. As people who visit Odisha will indirectly promote Odisha’s tourism when returning with a good and satisfying experience. So the hoteliers, tour operators, and hospitality providers shouldn’t jeopardize their guests’ health, hygiene, safety, and security. Along with international tourism, Odisha is an attractive place for domestic tourism as well, and, as such, all stakeholders should also concentrate on enticing more tourists from different States.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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