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‘Nimki’ slaps domestic violence case on ‘BalungaToka’: All is not well with the Ollywood power couple

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The last couple of days has brought tremors for the Ollywood industry as Superstar and BJD MP Anubhav Mohanty, has been accused of domestic violence and torment by his spouse, Odia film actor Varsha Priyadarshini.

Priyadarshini has moved to the Sub Divisional Judicial Magistrate (SDJM) court at Cuttack against Mohanty under Section 12 of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. Priyadarshini’s charges against the MP from Kendrapada came scarcely a couple of months after Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had solicited Director General from Police (DGP) Abhay to guarantee that no lady in the state experiences domestic violence at home during the lockdown period when couples have been compelled to stay at home owing to the pandemic.

Notwithstanding, the BJD Kendrapada MP had petitioned for a divorce in a New Delhi court in July this year, guaranteeing that they had been living separately since May 2019. He has additionally asserted that he was denied marital rights by his wife and the relationship was unrecoverable. The media became more acquainted with about his separation request simply after Varsha moved court.

The conjugal conflict could reignite theory and conversations on his own life, particularly those relating to his asserted ‘Something’ with a specific female actor despite the fact that he has in the past excused such talk as ridiculous. He could get the tag of a womanizer as the case has as of now fuelled tattle about his apparent nearness to a New Delhi-based media person.

His fame may potentially lose some sheen as fans incline toward reel legends to remain saints, all things considered, also. A shade of villainy could all around stir things up of being Ollywood’s most generously compensated entertainer and cast slanders on his genius status. While his 2019 high-budgeted movie ‘Biju Babu’ didn’t do very well and the current year hitting media outlets very hard as a result of the continuous pandemic, the discussion and the fight in court could mean less movies and lesser support bargains for Anubhav.

A comparative allegation had put brakes on the political tract of senior BJD leader Raghunath Mohanty after his daughter- in-law Barsha Swony had slapped a settlement torment argument against him and his relatives in 2013, prompting his arrest and ensuing evacuation as BJD VP. The five-time MLA from Basta got back the post of BJD VP in 2017, a year after the court demonstrated his innocence in the event that, however had some way or another lost the Midas contact. He lost the 2019 races even subsequent to quiting BJD and joining the BJP.

The domestic violence claim can cause an imprint in Anubhav’s political profession. Withhis charm and political upfront on his side, the politician-turned-actor was preparing for the long stretch. Be that as it may, the case could well end up being a major barricade to his political excursion.

While Varsha was taking up fewer acting tasks after her wedding, it is to be checked whether the business will be available to tolerating the Ollywood queen back on the big screen in a lead job. Of late she has been confronting intense rivalry from other built up entertainer and forthcoming stars.

Simultaneously, her choice to move court and charge her star spouse of executing domestic violence could prompt her being hailed as a tough lady who faced treachery. Somebody much the same as her ongoing reel part of ‘Nimki’, who battled difficulty to contact her objective.

In the 2019 decisions, Varsha’s name was being estimated as a potential applicant. With Anubhav winning the Kendrapada parliamentary seat and demonstrating his fame, Varsha might get offers to take the political dive. Notwithstanding her star esteem, however maybe to humiliate the decision party!

History rehashes itself and this remains constant in setting of the Odia entertainment (Ollywood) as well. Prior, numerous movies in Ollywood were box office hits in light of the lead pairing of actors apart from the storyline. What’s more, the sets cast their charm on the crowd for a long spell. The pattern of testing began and some time back there was no specific pair which vowed to get the watchers’ attention.

It was uniquely over the most recent years that lead sets in films are indeed back, choosing the destiny of a film and turning cash spinners for the producers. During the 90s, Sidhant and Anu Choudhary excessively got well known. Siddhant’s matching with Rachna Banerjee too gave the Odia films another point of view.

Despite the fact that there was a vacuum in the start of the decade to the extent lead hit sets are thought of, Anubhav and Barsha figured out how to get the audience hooked to their films. Barsa-Anubhav pair has had superhits like Matric Fail (2012), Something Something (2012), BalungaToka (2011), Kiese DakuchiKouthi Mate (2011, Diwana (2012), AmaBhitareKichiAchhi(2010) and SunaChadhei Mo Rupa Chadhei(2009).

Each profession has its dull sides and obviously, the world of glamour has its own dim sides. In this world, just a couple can keep up their fame, while the rest get an early taste of fame and afterward are side-lined. Also, it’s this frantic parcel which can go to any degree to gain truckloads of money and get the flavor of the rich life. Behind that fabulousness and marvelousness lies a story of ravenousness, franticness, sadness, depravity and more. It’s an exemplary instance of everything that glitters is not gold.

Written By- Aishwarya Samanta
Image Courtsey-Google

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