Home Administration Nirmala Ji, How about a ‘Mann ki Baat’ with Migrant Workers’?

Nirmala Ji, How about a ‘Mann ki Baat’ with Migrant Workers’?

Nirmala ji, How about a 'Mann ki Baat' with Migrant Workers'

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Dear Nirmala Sitharaman ji,

The Prime Minister’s interaction could have turned the tide for millions of stranded migrant labourers although you dubbed Rahul Gandhi’s interaction as “Dramebaaji”.

Let me pinpoint on how it could solve half of the problems instantly once the PM has a direct interface with the distressed migrant labourers. An empathetic PM could sense the problems better and feel the pulse of the homebound migrant workers battling the plight of their lifetime.

As a country, India has political stability despite its entrenched and fractious polity. PM Modi in 2019 polls got a massive mandate and expectations of the hoi polloi have swelled since then.

Modi’s leadership and charisma have grown immensely since he got elected for helming the country for a second term. Not just electoral gains, the mandate has burnished Modi’s persona. He’s perhaps the most celebrated and adored world leader today, wowing the audience with his rhetoric and optics.

A. PM could sense the problems better

“Modi hai to mumkin hai” is the refrain that dominates the narrative today. Having such a strong grip on governance and with his inimitable style to connect with the people, the PM can leverage his skills to get into the skin of the problems plaguing the migrant returnees. If Modi grasps the problems, he could certainly sense the solutions swiftly.

B. Mighty in Exploring the Solutions

Undoubtedly no Prime Minister could explore the concerned matters of the million migrant labour better than PM Modi. He has a rock-solid command over the government.

After a long time in the Indian history officially that is a huge plus in going after for solutions with a great force either resourcing on it or acting on it mercilessly. It’s a win-win situation in putting things into perspective for a lasting impact

C. Great Persuader

With the solutions in hand, PM Modi is the best bet to put money on him in conveying the messages effectively. When the matter is two-fold, it essentially serves the purpose of PM high voltage persuading capacity in dealing with the matter from States to States. He has earned the reputations of settling matters when the demand is high.so it could be a deal done for a leader like PM Modi.

D. Lifting Moral spirits of millions migrant labourers

It will be like dream come true for them if they could at all interact with those numerous stranded labourers on the street. Suppose PM meets them and assured them to make all possible arrangements to bring back them all to their home city with safety, then perhaps a ray of hope would permeate naturally to them and silence opponents habitually pointing fingers. A friend in need is indeed a friend forever

E. Spurring on ground Realities

Easier said than done! But the truth remains to be understood as well as the pulse on ground. By doing so, Prime Minister Modi could win the hearts of millions of migrant labourers and their destitute families who have been living in distress amid the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. In the throes of this unbearable circumstances, leaders are always tested by time to get suitable for the generation ahead.

Your past performance doesn’t count. The crisis has produced many leaders from time to time. Such exceptional situations lead to history repeating itself. Henceforth, delivering now is the CCR of any leaders across the world.

F. Ease in introducing National Migrant Labour Policy

PM Modi has been the pioneer in exercising the mechanism of all bureaucracy for altering or breaking the barriers on many occasions beginning from abrogation of Article 370 withdrawing special status for Kashmir or retaliating the terrorists in POK etc successfully which have become exemplars in the spirit of national Progress or advancement.

Looking at the plight of millions of migrant labours and its scale, PM Modi could have enabled to bell the cat by launching National Migrant labour laws that could offer a new lease of life for the unregulated millions of migrant labourers. Sadly, they are the true torchbearers in terms of producing every need of any civilized country. It could be a lifeline for them.

In the end, let me tell you with all humility that I am not a Rahul Bhakt or Modi Bhakt but I had voted for PM Modi in the last general elections for a better India.

In honest opinion, let me first fix the gravity of this deep-rooted problem of those stranded migrant labourers who have voted you back in power massively. It’s not just Rahul’s problems, its a problem spanning the whole of India. Let’s value the democratic spirit of Indian pluralism.





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