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“No One Should Complain About Hunger”- Mauris Noronha

A skilful mind can earn you in millions. However, success in your life depends on the magnanimity of your soul. A smart brain can make you a great ruler, but it is your philanthropic heart, which makes you the undisputed king among the citizens. That’s what is the ideology of Mauris Noronha– The Messiah of Maharashtra during COVID Times.

Interview Times had a great opportunity to converse with the true gentleman Mr Mauris and get to know more about the sustenance he is rendering to Mumbai and nearby cities during this Pandemic situation.

This is how the interview went-

"No One Should Complain Of Hunger"- Mauris Noronha
“No One Should Complain Of Hunger”- Mauris Noronha

Can you brief about your personal and professional life?

I am a family person who lives with my daughter and wife at Borivali, Mumbai. Professionally, I have a business at finance, and I am professional Poker at Las Vegas as well.

What was the idea behind helping so many people across the cities, during this COVID pandemic?

My family went through a very rough patch during the latter part of my school life. I was not even in a position to buy my school books. However, it was my principal who helped me to purchase my books. It is because of him that I passed my school, college and was also able to pursue my MBA. He is the angel of my life.

During those hard times, I decided to help people throughout my life. In the past 14 years, I have been serving to a slum of 16000 people. Every month I provide food to 1200 children of the slum. Every festival, I distribute books to the children and provide clothes and other materials to all the members of the slum.

Coming back to the pandemic, just prior to the lockdown my wife was at Meghalaya for a vacation. In a phone call, she told me to buy all rations and stuff as the lockdown was about to happen. While buying for myself and my family, I saw my maids were helpless. So I decided to buy 10 kgs of ration for all my maids.

The following day, Modiji announced a nationwide lockdown and as a result, everything closed. However, I saw an old lady in my locality going out to buy the necessary grocery items. When I enquired, she said that she was helpless as she had to feed her family. On that day, I concluded that I would provide food and ration for the members of my locality, which includes 127 families, the watchman and the maids for atleast 21 days. So every day I bought six tonnes of rations which included all necessary items such as rice, lentils, wheat, flour, eggs, chicken and many more kinds of stuff which people could take it as per their requirements. It is how it all started.

"No One Should Complain Of Hunger"- Mauris Noronha
“No One Should Complain Of Hunger”- Maurice Noronha

How did this charitable work, which started from your locality, reached all parts of Mumbai and also to the adjoining state?

When I was providing ration to my locality, people from nearby localities came and said that they were also helpless. So I again arranged ration from them and started supplying them the goods every day.

I have many friends who are in the police force as well. One day, I got a call from my cop friend, who said, “Mauris you should also provide your support to the COVID Warriors as well.” Thereafter, I started helping all COVID warriors, whether doctor, nurse, police officers, sweepers, postmen with masks, PPE kits as well as ration.

Adjacent to my locality there is a slum with 80000 people. One day, I saw 8000 people from that slum, standing near my gate for help. Again, I started helping them with ration and all necessary equipment.

My motto is to help as many people as I can till I breath my last.

One day, my friend called me and said, “Mauris you should help the nearby cities as well?” Therefore I said providing aid to the nearby cities of Pune and Thane. I provided two years of ration to the pandits of Shirdi Temple. I have provided ration to 10 Churches as well. In short, I have helped as many people, whom I have met till now during this COVID times.

"No One Should Complain Of Hunger"- Mauris Noronha
“No One Should Complain Of Hunger”- Mauris Noronha

What are the problems you faced initially while starting this stately activity?

There are no major problems which I have faced. Yes, initially, I faced a few obstacles from my locality. Till 21 days they were also happy, but when I stopped providing them with ration, they complained that I could not keep ration at the locality. They were also somewhat correct in their path. As I myself go and provide help to people, the locality felt that I might be the transmitter of Corona. Apart from that, there has been no difficulty. The police and the government have been quite helpful to me.

Is your family supportive of your noble cause?

Absolutely yes, without them, I cannot achieve anything in life.

It is such a big task. So are you doing it alone, or do you have a collaboration?

In the Bible, it is written, ” We should help with what we have, not with what we get.”

Therefore, I do not take any donation or collaborate with others.

How long will you carry this charity work?

As long as I am able to do. At least with what I have with me now, I can easily continue for the next six months.

Image Source- Mauris Picture Wardrobe

Interview By- Sayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times


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