Odisha H&UD Minister Holds Interactive Session With Development Partners


Krushna Chandra Mahapatra, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, called a crucial interactive meeting at SUDA’s Conference Hall in Bhubaneswar today. Senior representatives from the Housing & Urban Development department, including G Mathivathanan, Additional Chief Secretary, attended the meeting. The gathering provided a forum for acknowledging and considering the successes resulting from joint efforts between the department and its associates. The partners received recognition for their vital contribution to fostering an inventive environment inside the department, which is essential for tackling the always changing problems associated with urban growth.

G Mathivathanan emphasized in his speech the vital assistance given by partners, highlighting their contributions in terms of resources, knowledge, and technical know-how. He emphasized the value of ongoing education and creativity in achieving Odisha’s urban development objectives. In praising the partners in the department for their commitment and hard work, Minister Mahapatra emphasized how important they are to his goal of improving the standard of living in Odisha’s cities. He outlined his audacious plan to establish Odisha as a worldwide leader in urban development and to use strong alliances to accomplish inclusive and sustainable growth.

The meeting ended on a positive note with a vow to fortify future alliances and strive toward observable advancements in the state’s urban infrastructure and general quality of life.

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