Odisha now becomes the mining capital

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

The national geoscience data repository system being developed at the Center, according to Union Mines Secretary Vivek Bharadwaj, would enable seamless interpretation of mining data, appreciation of what lays there, how much should one bid, and linking it to the auction process.

“Thirteen private sector exploration firms have received approval thus far. When speaking at the Minerals, Mining and Metals Conclave-2023 in this city on Friday, he stated, “We hope to authorize more projects and encourage the states to engage these agencies if their own exploration businesses are in any way restricted.” According to the mines secretary, there has been a significant rise in the auctioning process this fiscal year, and by the end of March, almost 160 new mineral blocks had been placed up for auction.

Odisha is an excellent illustration of a cooperative federalist system and progress driven by mining. The mining industry’s income has increased dramatically from roughly Rs 5,000 crore a decade ago to Rs 50,000 crore now, a boom that has resulted in higher-quality infrastructure, healthcare, and education, according to Bharadwaj.

According to Minister for Steel and Mines Prafulla Kumar Mallik, the mining industries have a significant problem in focusing on the effective exploitation of lower grade minerals that are never used since the necessary technology is not available. “By using these lower grade minerals, we can save the ecosystem and stop their misuse and underuse. Many developed nations employ technology in downstream industries to effectively and efficiently utilise their resources, he noted.

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