Odisha plans eco-tourism on Deomali peak


The Odisha government is planning eco-tourism on Deomali peak in Koraput district, as informed by the Chief Secretary S C Mohapatra.

According to the reports, the peak, at an elevation of 1,672 meters, is the tallest in the Eastern Ghats. Mohapatra said “I visited Deomali hilltop. We had a detailed discussion on how eco-tourism can be developed there. Site selection for a retreat has also been done. We will build cottages. Locals are already involved in tourism and are charging some fees for vehicles visiting the place. A gate has been constructed. I had discussions with villagers on how they can provide better amenities.”

Mohapatra hoped that Deomali will become the most sought-after destination in the future, and tourism will be the source of income for hundreds of villagers.

Deomali, situated near Doodhari village, around 70 km from Koraput town, is surrounded by dense forest rich in flora and fauna. The hill is also rich in mineral resources such as bauxite, limestone and gemstones.

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