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OTT Platforms Denied Of Need In Regulations As Per TRAI

OTT -Platforms-Denied -Of -Need- In -Regulations -As -Per -TRAI
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The telecom regulator has announced its nonconformity over-regulating communicating apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Google, popularly known as over-the-top players.
For now, saying that it isn’t the right time to come up with any comprehensive regulatory framework at this stage.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, in its recommendations on regulating the communication apps issued Monday, rejected the need for any intervention relating to the privacy and security of OTT services.
The development comes after a huge boost for communication apps that is pushing back on telcos’ attempts to get them to be brought under some regulatory regime.

“It is not an opportune moment to recommend a comprehensive regulatory framework for various aspects of services referred to as OTT services, beyond extant laws and regulations prescribed presently,” TRAI said.
As said, the matter may be “looked into afresh when more clarity emerges in international jurisdictions,” particularly study taken by the International Telecom Union.

Karan Bedi, CEO of MX Player and video streaming services operation of Times Internet, welcomed Trai’s move, saying individual OTT media platforms are best positioned to determine the nature of the content and the kind of formations it requires.

“We’re extremely happy with respect to Trai’s recommendation, which is in line with the government’s stance on light-touch regulation. We are confident the self-regulation framework will be successful for all aspects of the OTT business,” said Bedi.

He added that the self-regulation framework that 15 OTT providers had signed on to would not only present content creators but would also aid audiences in making informed and conscious decisions.

Trai’s move would also nurture creativity and provide creators the freedom to display the finest stories, as well as provide a framework to move ahead on.

Written by- Mousami Jena
Image Courtsey- Google

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