Paytm Launched First Pocket android POS Device for Contactless Ordering And Payments In India

Paytm Launched First Pocket android POS Device for Contactless Ordering And Payments In India

Pandemic has taken a step ahead in preparing fondant technology. A blend of the secure, smooth, accessible, portable, and protective device has finally stepped India with all its roar that claims to be most reliable.

This move will make this technology cheaper for SMEs. The company has introduced Paytm beat one portable Android smart POS at an introductory price of Rs 499 per month rental.

This is the first such Android-based device to be introduced in India.

This Android PoS device would serve for contactless ordering and making payments for SMEs. It’s been designed sort of mobile for accepting orders and cash on the go. It has proven to be the primary such Android-based device that Paytm claims to be more robust than the portable Linux based POS devices presently available.

The firm says its PoS machine comes bundled with Paytm’s ‘Scan to Order’ service, which is slowly said to be gaining transaction in places like restaurants and takeaway joints.

The product is predicted to enable payments more reliable for logistics, departmental stores, and other small shopkeepers as cashless payments.

The product weighs 163 grams, and therefore the device is 12mm thick, which features a 4.5-inches screen touchpad.

Paytm claims that the device features a powerful processor, with ‘whole-day’ battery life also as an inbuilt camera to scan the QR codes for the moment payment process.

A cloud-based software that might enable billing for things, for payments, and customer management.

It even works with the 4G sim cards, Wi-Fi and has Bluetooth connectivity to make sure payments never fails.

The device is pre-loaded with the ‘Paytm for Business’ app that’s said to get GST compliant bills and also to manage all transactions & settlements. Also, this app is often employed by merchants to avail of business services and financial solutions like loans, insurance, and Business Khata.

Written By- Mousami jena
Image courtesy: Google

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