Picturesque view with cherry blossom flowers in Bangalore takes over the Internet

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Bengaluru’s streets are adorned with pink flowers as the cherry blossom season has arrived. In full bloom between January and March, a rare neotropical species known as Tabibuea Rosea blooms can be seen. While strolling through Bengaluru’s streets during their growing season, one can admire its beauty.The Karnataka Tourism Department’s official Twitter account has also been updated with lovely photos of the tall trees covered in pink petals. These photos were taken in Whitefield’s AECS Layout.

The department stated in the description of the post, “Here in Bengaluru, the Pink Trumpets, or Tabebuia Avellaneda, have begun to bloom. It’s that time of year when portions of Bengaluru entirely turn pink.”It is noteworthy because the British originally planted these Tabebuia trees in the city. It is believed that they brought pink trumpet trees to Banglore in order to satisfy their homesickness because the pink petals reminded them of springtime at home. Although Britishers were forced to depart the country when it gained independence, the beauty of the trees planted in various areas of Bangalore continues to enchant people even today.


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