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PM Modi dedicates largest eco-friendly solar power

PM Modi dedicates largest eco-friendly solar power
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By JP Sahu

The Prime Minister has dedicated the 750 megawatts ultra mega solar power plant, to draw a balance sheet on the air. The government has also said it will diminish emission equivalent to approximately 15 lakh tonne of carbon dioxide every year.

Solar energy will be an enormous trauma medium of energy needs, in fact not only today but also in the 21st century. Because solar energy is sure, pure and secure.

Asia’s largest Rewa Ultra mega solar power project in Madhya Pradesh will have a massive impact not only it will help the State but the World immensely as a secure establishment for a clean environment.

Today Rewa has already scripted an account in history. Rewa is recognised with the name of the mother Narmada and the s. Now the name of Asia’s largest solar power project has also been added to it.

The Prime Minister congratulated the people of Rewa along with Madhya Pradesh and give them the best wishes as an optimistic. Rewa is going to renaming the entire territory as a big energy hub in this decade.

The way India stands to utilizes solar power, it is going to be discussed further and is being contemplated as the most impressive market of clean energy

Madhya Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Union Minister of new and renewable energy RK Singh and Oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan were among those present during the inauguration basically.

The Prime Minister said as India is heading towards the new heights of advancement so far, peoples hopes and aspirations and the need for energy and electricity. In situation self-sufficiency in electricity is very important for a self-reliant India.

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  1. For the all-round development & ultimate progress of the Nation, we certainly need such mega projects in different States too. A very great initiative by our most beloved Prime Minister. Hats Off to such a rare & distinguished personality.


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