Polished gender equality? #GirlsWhoWearRippedJeans


Stereotyping women in India on the basis of their clothing is an old age hassle. Gender inequality has been a never-ending social issue in our nation since time immemorial. Not only the patriarchal norms derogate women as inferior beings, men never take a step back in thrashing women as and when they deem fit. Days change, but the filthy mentality and attitude towards women remains the same; worse and worse.

In a recent interview, Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Tirath Singh Rawat joined the bandwagon by criticizing women for wearing ripped jeans and showed his obvious unwanted and displeasing concern on how such women pose a threat to the social fabric of India. He went on to elaborate how these ripped jeans have encouraged a decline of ‘moral values’ among parents who wear them, setting bad example for their young ones.

The comment was directed to an NGO worker who wore ripped jeans in a workshop that the minister attended. “If such women go out meeting people in society and solving their issues, what message are we giving? What will the society and children learn from such attires?” commented Rawat. Going a step ahead (rather backward) he went on to reprimand parents on the serious issues of ‘westernization’. “While the western world has been steadily immersing into our culture, we are chasing nudity. Is this how we, as a nation, want to flourish?” added Rawat.

Video source: The Print, YouTube

Such remarks form the people in power makes us believe that we are still stuck in the medieval era. Despite enormous achievements that women have accomplished, women are still judged on the basis of what they wear, eat or drink. Women are bound to be the target of many, without exception. Derogatory statements once in a while, like one of this, make us question whether our society is on the path of progress or slowly paving its way to existential destruction.

Moral values and equality are important for the sexes. People ought to be educated to give their seats to the poor, regardless of what their identity is. At the point when this mutual respect creates, accomplishing equality will not be a fantasy and will thusly decrease merciless activities against women. Boys and men should acknowledge that attire and actions of girls and women don’t address any of their inquiries.

A balanced society guarantees development, equality and improvement

But there are sure standards of society that are especially for girls whose presence may not be satisfactory or perhaps sketchy by our generation; for acquiring equality as a general rule we should deal with every one of the classes. Allow us to make a present with the goal that the people in the future don’t need to think prior to settling on any choice and ability to act and utilize their privileges.

A balanced society guarantees development, equality and improvement. Patriarchy can’t be done just by feminism yet by genuine equality. Keep in mind, laws and developments alone can’t carry equality to all and balance among all. As a general public, we need to make strides and do our part.

Women are battling for equal rights, the privilege to safety, the right to control their bodies, and the option to rise to equal opportunities, and wages in the working environment. Opportunity, freedom, liberation and autonomy are the standing pillars of every person’s fundamental rights, and these are by and large what numerous women are as yet denied of.

Sometimes, demanding such rights additionally stands optional. The greatest issue looked by women is to dream of a society where they are treated as autonomous beings, and not as simple property. These stereotypes on the basis of gender have persistently gone about as a hindrance for women in getting to their full worth.

As a society, we have consistently seen disparity as an issue that carefully holds fast to women, and consequently, have just centered around the losing end however we actually are not prepared to take a gander at the more extensive picture. Equality in its most perfect sense must be delivered; in the event that we tackle the two sides, it must be accomplished, if people begin disguising this idea in their own lives, and not simply bluster about how reformist, liberal, and libertarian they are.

We are as yet slouch with regards to gender equality. It’s time we as a whole do some genuine introspection here. Women are strong. It’s tied in the way which the world sees this strength.

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