Polygamy Practice by Arthur O Urso


It is real hard for people to manage multiple partners at the same time, isn’t it? If we say a model manages 9 wives and fulfills their needs all together, it will be difficult to believe no?

A Brazilian model and polygamist who notoriously married nine women now claims he’s had to create a sex schedule to be sure each wife’s needs are met.

“They all want to fulfill my sexuality at any cost,” Arthur O Urso, the model told to media.

The model and swinger, who was first married to fellow swinger Luana Kazaki, made waves in marital circles last year after tying the knot with eight additional women in São Paulo because he wanted to “protest against monogamy.”

The nuptials weren’t legally binding as polygamy is outlawed in Brazil.




Arthur O Urso claimed he struggled to satisfy all his partners equally, so he initially established a romp “rota” so he could fulfill each wife’s individual needs.

“Initially I tried to have sex by appointment,” said Urso. “Following a timetable caused a lot of problems and sometimes I felt like I had to have sex because of the schedule, and not for pleasure”.

“On other occasions I had sex with one wife while thinking about another”, he added.

Eventually, the rota became too overwhelming and Urso reverted back to a more spontaneous arrangement, which he said vastly improved his love life, as reported by a media house.

He also shared that his wives don’t mind sharing a sex partner, but do get jealous when he buys one “more expensive” gifts than the rest.

Reportedly, he is currently facing divorce from one of his wives who wants to seperate since she wanted him all to herself.

Polygamy might not be a common phenomenon today as opposed to monogamy but it still continues to be a part of many debates and discussions.

No matter how much we want to say goodbye to this practice, we have not been able to do so in a full capacity.

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