Population in Bengaluru City is Expected to Double in the Next Ten Years, Stressing Health Infrastructure


Dr. Thrilok Chandra, Special Commissioner of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), stated on Thursday that Bengaluru’s 1.3 crore population is anticipated to double to 2.5 crore in the next ten years, placing strain on the city’s infrastructure.He added that this would lead to unscientific urbanisation, which would seriously endanger the health of city residents.

On the second day of the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022, the speaker said that while people have been moving to cities for a variety of reasons, the capacity of the city to withstand this kind of growth is not very strong. He was speaking at a session on “One Health and Pandemic Prevention.”

He asserted that for the regulations and the government to be effectively implemented and maintained, Bengaluru’s residents must have good health.According to the Special Commissioner, health includes not only human health but also animal health and the environment in which people live, as in recent years, man has been plagued by diseases spread by animals like dengue and chikungunya, and it is alarming to note that 75% of infections are spread by animals.

Solid wastes, air pollution, and water pollution, according to Dr. Thrilok Chandra, have all exceeded legal limits. He added that efforts to reduce pollution levels have not been successful and that ward and community level adoption of contemporary technologies is necessary to move in that direction.Rapid urbanisation, according to Dr. Farah Ishtiaq, Principal Scientist at the Tata Institute for Genetics and Society, has been the root of many issues. She asserted that it is crucial to use science and technology in their whole to transform urban environment. She emphasised the importance of protecting, preserving, and cleaning lakes, water bodies, and other water sources.

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