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Princess Of Dubai Paid $6.4m To Keep Affair With Bodyguard Secret


The princess of Dubai – Princess Haya reported having an illegal relationship with her married British Bodyguard for two years. Apparently, she paid him at least $6.4 Million, 47.46 crores, to not disclose their relationship to anyone.

The news came into the light during the court’s case of an ongoing child custody case in London High Court, where it was exposed that she was having an affair with one of her British male Bodyguard. In 2004 the princess Haya married Sheikh Mohammed, termed as his sixth and junior-most wife, and then divorced last year.

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According to the reports, she also reportedly gave him a £50,000 vintage shotgun, a £12,000 watch, and a personalized RU55ELLS number plate. The courts first didn’t initially classify the Bodyguard, but later it was revealed that the princess gave many expensive gifts. He was also paid around $1.6 million by Princess Haya to keep it a secret and not disclose this secret to her husband, UAR Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. She even gave money to quell the three bodyguards of the Dubai Royal Family, who is reported to know about her affair.

According to the reports, the daughter of the late king of Jordan, Princess Haya, started her illegal affair in back 2016. Apart from the revelation about the relationship, the Bodyguard’s four-year marriage was also finished, and in 2018, the princess was obliged to flee with her two children.

Apparently, Sheikh sought the custody of the couple’s 11-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son from the court. She also reported that Sheikh also gave divorce to the princess without her knowledge, leaving a gun in his bedroom and kidnapping her by helicopter.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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