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Prodigy Author And Pride Of Odisha: Anantinee Mishra

Prodigy -Author -And -Pride -Of -Odisha: -Anantinee -Mishra
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Interview Times had a great time conversing with Anantinee Mishra. A 10-year-old published her book “Treasure of Short Stories,” which is a 21000 worded anthology of stories that showcase how to prevail over persecute, peer pressure, and teasing.

As Anantinee has always chased for more, her elders realized how she thoroughly enjoyed and introduced her to the planet of books by reading aloud.

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When she was sufficiently old to read, she would be glued to the children’s magazines and books, and these would take her into an extraordinary virtual imaginary world. This unique habit helped and motivated her together with her studies also.

Studying in standard 8th at Apeejay School New Delhi, she has brought many laurels to her credit, which demonstrates her passion for literature that doesn’t hold up to writing. Last year her debut Novel’ Manhattan to Munnar’ got released.

She has been conferred with the title ‘PRODIGY AUTHOR’ and an ‘HONORARY DIPLOMA’ by the Hon’ble Vice President of India Sh. M Venkaiah Naidu in the 39th World Congress of Poets.

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It evenly includes felicitations by CM of Odisha Shri Naveen Pattanaik and many other acclaimed bodies, including the Delhi Book Fair and World Academy of Arts and Culture USA, being the youngest writer.

She is also a public speaker eloquent speaker at TEDx Talk and has received many medals in Maths and English Olympiads and topped Spell Bee examinations in Delhi NCR.

QUESTION 1: At the age of 7, you started publishing fascinating narratives, so whom would you give your inspiration for literature?
Answer: I think that my inspiration to write was my immense fascination with books. As far as my memory goes back, being surrounded by heaps of books had been my safety bubble, my peaceful sanctuary.

Time was a meaningless entity when I was lost in a fictional world created by someone else, when I was seeing the events of a book unfold with my very own eyes, living the adventures of any and every character; it was -and is- a mind-boggling experience.

As I grew up, this hobby of mine didn’t fade. Instead, it increased by a tenfold. Now, not only I was obsessed with the books, I was most definitely intrigued by the person behind the scenes, the author, who pulled all the strings from the characters’ name to the conclusion of the plot.

Thus, I started out by writing small short stories and publishing them in this magazine or that column. That marked the beginning of my journey of writing.

Question 2: Tell us some of your experiences that you engraved while writing the book.
I have authored two books so far. Treasure of Short Stories, an anthology of fourteen short stories, and Manhattan to Munnar, a novel on the adventures -and misadventures- of two sisters.

Both books were the first experience for me. Short Stories’ Treasure was a big jump from writing stories and articles here and there to a full, big time commitment. Manhattan to Munnar had been a step out of my comfort zone, which usually prevailed in articles on social issues and fictional stories.

Both the experiences had been exhilarating and exciting for me in equal measure. They had been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, right from when I started with the ‘Prologue’ till standing at the Book Release Ceremony. Thrill, anxiety, excitement, apprehension, you name it, and I felt it.

Question 3: As you share and spend most of the time enjoying with your grandparents and families, how would you define their support and motivation towards writing.
I don’t really think that I, or anyone else for that matter, need to speak about the importance of the support extended by family and friends. It is everything you can wish for and everything that you can get.

Their love and encouragement only made me keep going, keep continuing to write when all I wanted to do was throw my pen down in frustration and abandon the promise that I had made to myself. I can shout from the rooftops about how grateful I am to have them with me.

Question 4: Since literature has been your all-time favorite, what other subjects you love to bring out to manage?
I find myself to be a big fan of Mathematics and History, which is surprising considering that the essentials of these two topics are polar opposite, and they couldn’t be more contrasting in nature. I also love delving deeper into the roots of International Relations and an enthusiastic learner of the Sanskrit Language.

Question 5: Apart from reading and writing, what are your hobbies that you enjoy to do.
Apart from reading and writing, I love to play the Piano. Tapping the keys and humming old tunes and making new ones gives me a much-needed sense of peace, tranquil and serenity after a hectic day. I also favor cooking and baking a bit, though I have a lot more area to cover in that aspect. I have never really been a sporty chic, but I know how to play some decent lawn tennis and badminton.

Question 6: Have you ever thought of publishing your writings in the Odiya language or your interest in any other language? What are your thoughts on promoting regional languages?
Yes, I would simply love if any of my works are translated to my mother tongue Odia or any other language for that matter. In fact, my parents have spoken to some translators for translating my book, Treasure of Short Stories, into Odia.

I think that the promotion of our country’s regional languages is very important. Our versatility in communication forms and relaying thoughts and expressions has been a major part of our culture and heritage, which needs to be preserved. India is known for being multi-lingual in its approach. I consider our vast number of languages to be one of the most distinguishing and beautiful features of the country.

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Question 7: How did you feel while fascinating with honours and while giving speeches at the podium of TEDx?
I was deeply honoured while receiving the kind awards and accolades that have been conferred upon me in the timeline of the previous years. They have been instrumental in motivating me to do more and more, to contribute more and more to the Indian and World Literature.

I was feeling nothing short of the happiest person alive when I was speaking at TEDx. When you look at the crowd garnered below, standing on a stage, who are waiting for you to speak, have come to hear you speak, is so much more exhilarating then any adrenaline rush. That feeling of buoyancy can only be compared to the feeling of floating high above the clouds, possible on cloud nine.

Question 8: What next are you going to publish or the genre you are going to make your next experiment?
I have almost finished the manuscript of my third book, a novel again. I love to invest myself in discovering newer genres on which I can experiment, and continuously trying to be out of the box, class apart. My novel, this time, is set in the Thriller Genre, with a touch of Contemporary Classic and Coming of Age.

Question 9: What do you want to become in life?
Professionally speaking, I aim to become a Civil Servant and bureaucrat, all the while nurturing my passion to write, both as an author and a columnist. What I really want to become in life is a good and kind human being with respect, love and care for all.
Question 10: Your message for our readers.
My message for all those reading this would be that within each one of lies a passion, which yearns to be awakened. It maybe dancing, singing, sleuthing, writing, sports, or even academics,; the only thing you have to do is discover it and let it out.

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Interview By- Mousami Jena
Picture courtsey- Anantinee’S Picture Gallery

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