“Quiet Anchor to Reforms Juggernaut”

by Akankshya Mahapatra

DK Singh, Principal Secretary, Agriculture (Odisha)

Deoranjan Kumar Singh, one of the agile and result driven officers in Odisha bureaucracy is silently spearheading a new revolution in Odisha’s agriculture sector. While not losing momentum on the spate of reforms already rolled out, Singh, the quiet performer is anchoring the next generation of reforms aimed at boosting productivity, enhancing farmers’ income and delivering a value rich, immersive experience to all stakeholders in the sector.

Singh recently demonstrated his intent at ‘Krishi Odisha’, the state level agricultural expo staged recently. ‘Integrated Farming – Towards Farmers Prosperity’ is the theme for the 5-day-long event, which is being jointly sponsored by the Agriculture & Farmers’ Empowerment Department and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI). The primary focus of the exhibition will be on innovations and best practices in Agriculture, Food Processing, and allied sectors and to make it more remunerative for the farmers. The exhibition focused on innovations and best practices in Agriculture, Food Processing, and allied sectors and to make it more remunerative for the farmers.

The event was attended by Academicians, Agri-Thought leaders, Researchers, Agriculture Institutions and Universities, Farmer groups, Dignitaries from Central and State government departments, Progressive Farmers, Agri-business companies – Seeds, Irrigation, Farm Machinery, Food Processing community, Financial Institutions, and Students.

The objective of Krushi Odisha 2021 is: To showcase best products and practices leading to farm profitability; to develop an understanding on various factors and interactions in value chain management of agri-commodities; to initiate a platform for interface and linkage among market players, service providers, agri-preneurs and industry; and to provide scope for institutional interaction and partnership.

His eminent thrust is on expediting implementation of KALIA or Krushak Augmentation of Livelihood & Income Assistance programme for the farmers. Recently, Odisha achieved a big milestone when around Rs 1200 crore under this scheme was electronically credited to the farmers’ accounts.

In his previous stint as the Principal Secretary of the Panchayati Raj department, Singh has unleashed and implemented a suite of monumental reforms and programmes. Under his stewardship, the Odisha Livelihood Mission (OLM) is ensuring sustainable livelihoods for the rural through improved access to financial, livelihood and other support services. He also ensured that the Pani panchayats grew phenomenally in outreach and impact for institutionalizing equitable supply of water & helping resolve critical water-related issues at ground level. Involving farmers & locals, these institutions are efficient in overseeing fair water distribution.

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