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Reading books #newlove in pandemic


Reading is not only a passion or love, but rather is a secret escape for all individuals on in this earth. People more often say that books are their my best friends and honestly y they areit does., The the relationship built between a the book and its reader is beyond any descriptive explanation.

The journey of a book is a long saga consisting of numerous characters, starting from the author the writers to the publisher publishers and finally to the libraries; completing they complete a walk of long dark woods before reaching their its true lovers i.e. the readers.

Long were those erathose eras, when people used to say it’s hard to resist themselves from reading a particular book but the present reality speaks loud loudly that the busy world has darkened the charm of reading and now books can be seen dusted and soiled in shelves.

But in this unprecedented pandemic, the clock seems to be running in an anti-clockwise direction, because for the first time ever ever time, we are were bound to be locked indoors and were forced to change our lifestyles from running errands to being calm and patient at one place. This trend of #newnormal has really turned out to be a blessing for all as many turned towards out to their books, to keep themselves lively in this their new phase of life.

The books which were long forbidden guests at many houses, are were now the most visited ones because the trend now is grew up to spending time indoors, with love for books #newlove or quality time with these soiled papers , turning towards them seemings livinging  once and forever.

In this pandemic, much as with the choice of genre, readers generally fell into two sections: those whothat read for exploration and those who that re-read for safety. The re-readers found solace in previously read books with familiar plots and known emotional registers helpinged stressed out readers avoid suspense and surprise .Butsurprise. But the readers with exploration were louder in their approach..

Not only printed books, people can now been  seen inclininged towards audiobooks and e-books, . Eeven as print sales slumped, the library system saw een an uptick in e-book and audiobook downloads since the deadly virus forced us to explore new options.to vary around.

To this change authors of many a book seemed quite happy as now theirere write-ups will get the appreciation which they were always devoid of and this can be marked as a very crucial turning pointera for books and readers.

By: Interview Times Bureau