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Reforms with a human face

Reforms with a human face

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Partha Sarathi Mishra, Additional Secretary, Home Department

A multi-faceted personality, Partha Sarathi Mishra(Reforms with a human face), presently an additional secretary with the Home Department, Odisha government,  is not another run of the mill officer tasked with the mundane job of administration.

He( Reforms with a human face ) possesses a personality that is variegated and choices eclectic- this facet is amply manifested in his resume and his sparkling achievements in academic and professional lives.

In the corridors of power, Mishra’s(Reforms with a human face) name begs no introduction. He is reputed to be an administrator par excellence and an able reformist with a human face.

An outstanding scholar, Mishra( Reforms with a human face ) deftly brings to his administrative domain the rich pearls of knowledge, translating them into enviable work efficiency.

He did his master’s degree in humanities, strengthening it with an MPhil and doctorate, all from the much sought after Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.

He has done his management from IHS of the Netherlands based Erasmus University, topping it with training in ‘Public Policy and Governance’ from Oxford University, UK.

In his capacity as an IAS officer, Mishra has served in myriad departments and state government-controlled corporations in the ranks of managing director, director, and additional secretary.

With his abilities and skills, he has engineered qualitative and transformative changes in governance. Presently, as the additional secretary in the department of higher education, Mishra is an integral part of policy formation, execution, and innovation.

With a warm smile and affable manners, Mishra brings an aura of conviviality to the government machinery.

His critical thinking, innovative ideas, analytical approach and concern for societal and human values place him on a higher plane above the clutter.

In his role as the managing director of Odisha Small Industries Corporation (OSIC), he was spearheading the revival of ailing units in the MSME sector.

As a result of that OSIC has been recognized a States PSU of Repute and robust.

Of late, as the key force in Higher education Dept in restructuring the education policies from producing better and qualitative teachers by imparting professional training programs to smart classes for all students across the State has own many hearts.

Again valuing the talents he puts the best mind at the best place of the  Govt. Service for whether any human resources to be posted.

Mr. Mishra strongly invokes reforms where sustainable restructuring matters.

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